News from Jim McGovern MP


  • Kevin Keenan

    Renewables Jobs for Dundee

    " There is a big job that now needs to be done, following Dundee losing out to Hull as the base where Siemens will develop their wind turbine production facilities that will create thousands of jobs for the area."

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  • Laurie Bidwell  

     Health and Safety of Dundee School Buildings

     " When the schools go back after the Spring holidays on Monday 14 April, parents and carers have a right to expect that their children will be returning to a school environment that is not hazardous nor potentially injurious."  

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  •            Marlyn Glen

    News from Jenny Marra MSP 

    • Marlyn Glen : A Well-Paid Job : The Best Method of Self-Improvement

      " The Institute of Fiscal Studies estimates that there are now 300,000 more children living in poverty in the UK than when the Tories came to government in 2010. "

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    • Richard McCready 


      Delighted Biomass Plant Binned

       "I remain clear that these plans were bad for the people of Dundee and that there would have been a detrimental impact on air quality. I also remain very sceptical about claims made for jobs around this plan. "

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               Lesley Brennan

    News from Lesley Brennan 

    • Brian Gordon: The Energy Price Freeze Promise   

      " Labour intends to make the energy market work in the interests of working people and put a stop to them paying too much as they have done  under this Tory Government.

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    • Georgia Cruickshank 


      Ed Miliband's Energy Plan

       "Ed Miliband is taking the side of families, pensioners and businesses against these companies which enjoyed billions of pounds of profit together last year. "/font>

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               Dundee East Labour



    Ed Miliband

    “If we win the election in 2015 the next Labour government will freeze gas and electricity prices until the start of 2017. Your bills will not rise. It will benefit millions of families and millions of businesses. That’s what I mean by a government that fights for you. That’s what I mean when I say Britain can do better than this. Now the companies aren’t going to like this because it will cost them more but they have been overcharging people for too long because of a market that doesn’t work. It’s time to reset the market. So we will pass legislation in our first year in office to do that, and have a regulator that will genuinely be on the customers’ side but also enable the investment we need. That’s how Britain will do better than this.