Construction sector :  " So much work for them to do in Dundee" while over 280 are unemployed    

9 January 2013

Dundee City Councillors Labour group leader Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan, an economist, have renewed their calls for a larger slice of investment for jobs in Dundee by highlighting the latest unemployment figures for trades in the construction industry in the city and the number of vacancies for them locally.

In November, there were over 280 seeking  employment in various trades while at the same time the number of notified JobCentre vacancies totalled just over 90 .

A selection from the figures shows the numbers seeking work in various trades and the number of registered vacancies in brackets :

Bricklayers, masons  25 seeking work ( 4 vacancies)

Roofers, roof tillers and slaters 10 seeking  work ( 0 vacancies)

Plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers 50 seeking work ( 14 vacancies)

Carpenters and joiners 80 seeking work ( 12 vacancies)

Glaziers, window fabricators and fitters 5 seeking work ( 0 vacancies)

Plasterers 15 seeking work ( 0 vacancies)

Floorers and wall tilers 15 seeking work ( 1 vacancy)

Painters and decorators 50 seeking work ( 28 vacancies  )

Electricians, electrical fitters   20 seeking work ( 24 vacancies)

Scaffolders, stagers and riggers  15 seeking work (10 vacancies)

Total seeking work – 285

Total number of  registered vacancies 93.

Commenting on the figures, Kevin Keenan said,

“The construction industry is always a good indicator of the health of local business.

“ Long-term growth in the city’s economy can be achieved by investing in those who are already equipped with the necessary skills.

“The city and  its economy cannot afford to have these skilled people out of a job when there is so much work that the construction industry can do in Dundee. “

Councillor Lesley Brennan said,

“The Scottish Building Federation has indicated that every £1 invested in the construction industry can produce up to £5 in benefits for the wider economy.

“However, the latest Scottish Construction Monitor survey found that the overall level of confidence across the industry for better prospects this year stands at minus 27.

“ The industry faces huge challenges this year and the Scottish Government must support it with significant investment in Scotland’s infrastructure.”


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