Dundee Labour News articles

December 2014

Jenny Marra : NHS in Scotland under extreme pressure

Jenny Marra : Mental Health (speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra : New Psychoactive Substances Needs Assessment for Tayside, 2014

Jenny Marra : Cancer waiting times are totally unacceptable for too many people

Jim Murphy's speech as the new Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

Lesley Brennan : Support for Iain Gray’s Bus Regulation Bill

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Named the First UK City of Design by UNESCO

Jenny Marra : Dundee, UNESCO City of Design - Motion tabled by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra :Tourism ( 2014 Legacy) – speech by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament debate

Lesley Brennan : Dundee UNESCO City of Design

Laurie Bidwell : The Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School : Speech at Education Committee

November 2014

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Gap – Dundee figures

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Jenny Marra : Programme for Government 2014-15

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Richard McCready : It's Not Fine - Unfair Charges for parking on Private Land

Laurie Bidwell : Grove Academy 17th in Sunday Times Top 50 State Secondary Schools in Scotland 2014

Jim McGovern : Labour crackdown on job agencies that exploit workers

Jim Mc Govern :Poverty increases amongst working people

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on the Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of supply teachers in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : No figures on staff concerns on NHS Tayside staffing

Lesley Brennan : Anti-Bullying Week

Lesley Brennan : Behind Last Week's Figures

Jenny Marra : Progressive Workplace Policies

Laurie Bidwell : "Alarming" Education Cuts

Jim McGovern comments on the Fall in Unemployment

Jenny Marra : Scottish Labour Comment on ONS Labour Market Statistics


Jim McGovern : The Living Wage

Lesley Brennan : The Energy Price Freeze

Lesley Brennan : The Living Wage

Lesley Brennan : Supporting USDAW's Respect for Shopworkers Week

Jenny Marra : The Living Wage

Lesley Brennan : Equal Pay Day

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Supply Teachers in Dundee

Jim McGovern : Equal Pay Day

Laurie Bidwell : Cedar Road and Forthill Road Flooding

October 2014

Lesley Brennan : The Smith Commission and Local Government

Jenny Marra : Supported Business

Lesley Brennan : Wear it Pink

Lesley Brennan : Child Poverty in Dundee

Kevin Keenan :  Big slump in number of people in employment in Dundee in the past three years

Jim McGovern : Smith Commission - Visit to Dundee

Jim McGovern : SNP backs ‘Yes Alliance’

Jim McGovern : Drop in Dundee job figures

Jim McGovern : Hilton Hotel returns to Dundee

Jim McGovern comments on figures for the number of children living in poverty

Jim McGovern supports recognition of Palestine in House of Commons vote

Jim McGovern : Publication of Scottish devolution command paper

Jenny Marra :Scottish Labour’s reaction to budget statement


Jenny  Marra : Keep Dundee’s 36 Bus

Richard McCready  Fuel Poverty in Dundee - community owned renewable energy - a solution?

Marlyn Glen : The 50: 50 Government

Richard McCready : Discovery Centre

Laurie Bidwell :Broughty Ferry lifeboat : new website

Jenny Marra :Universal Postal Service (Competition) : Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

September 2014

Jenny Marra : Action needed now on human trafficking

Richard McCready : Camperdown House

Richard McCready : Mills Observatory

Jenny Marra MSP : Accessible Tourism - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Lesley Brennan : Removing the Tory Government

Kevin Keenan :Concern over accidents traffic at Harestane Road/Laird Street/Strathmartine Road Junction

Kevin Keenan :Call for Crossing Patrol Concerns to be addressed

Richard McCready :Eradicating Poverty - Priority for Dundee City Council

Jim McGovern joins Dundee HMRC staff to celebrate jobs victory

Jim McGovern condemns SNP Bedroom Tax hypocrisy

Jim McGovern votes to oppose the Bedroom Tax 

Jim McGovern calls for vigilance over Dundee V&A construction contract


Richard McCready : Community Spirit Action Group


August 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Congratulations to Dundee Pupils in Their Exam results

July 2014

Lesley Brennan : Household income across Dundee

Richard McCready : Action needed on Toxic Streets

Marlyn Glen : Well said, Ed

Laurie Bidwell : Stop and Search Statistics Indicate a Worrying Change in Policing on Our Streets

Jim McGovern calls for jobs action in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Jobs for Dundee : More determination needed from both UK and Scottish Governments

Jim McGovern welcomes Chancellor’s acknowledgement of Dundee’s games industry efforts

Lesley Brennan : The Glasgow Commonwealth Games

Richard McCready : Nelson Mandela International Day

Lesley Brennan and Laurie Bidwell : Councillors look forward to their "dot Scot" website addresses

Jenny Marra MSP : Women paying the price for SNP job cuts

Marlyn Glen : A Political Activist’s Holiday

Lesley Brennan : Questions for Nicola Sturgeon over Renewables Jobs for Dundee

June 2014

Lesley Brennan : Social Security Changes are Causing Real Hardship

Lesley Brennan : Breastfeeding Rates

Richard McCready : Development Management Committee

Jim McGovern calls on Dundee City Council to commemorate Black Watch sacrifice

Lesley Brennan : Carers


Marlyn Glen : The Best Place in the World to grow old in


Laurie Bidwell : DUNCAN anti-crime network difficulties  


Jenny Marra : Building a Better Scotland

Richard McCready : Sheltered Housing Review

Richard McCready : West End Community Council - Fortnightly Bin Collections

Jim McGovern : interview at STUC fringe meeting, Dundee


Jim McGovern abseils down the Tower Building, Dundee University for charity


Richard McCready : WestFest organisers deserve praise

Jim McGovern : "Disappointing" Queen's Speech

Jenny Marra : Responding to the Findings of the Wood Commission

Jim McGovern : Warm Home Discount

May 2014

Lesley Brennan : Warm Home Discount

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Beach Awarded Prestigious Resort Flag 2014 by Keep Scotland Beautiful

Lesley Brennan : Alcohol-related emergency ambulance call outs cost NHS £340,000 in 12 months

Lesley Brennan : Action needed to protect our youngsters from "legal highs"

Dundee May Day photographs >>> and at >>>


Jim McGovern to attend Black Watch Corner Memorial Unveiling

Marlyn Glen : An Issue for All of Us 

Laurie Bidwell : Sewer Leak on Stony Beach in The Ferry to be Repaired Permanently and Beach Reinstated

April 2014

Lesley Brennan : Speech in support of the campaign against the proposals to cut 120 jobs at Dundee University

PDF version of Lesley's speech

Lesley Brennan and Jim McGovern supporting UCU Scotland members in opposition to proposed job cuts at Dundee University. 

Richard McCready : Fortnightly Bin collections

Richard McCready : er Action Against Blacklisting

Richard McCready : Perth Road RBS - Council Speaks Out Against Closure


Lesley Brennan : Welcome for Carers Consultation 

Laurie Bidwell : Need for Additional Report Before Approving Nearly £0.5m on Nursery Places for Under 3s

Pauline Rourke : Pauline chairs the United with Labour fringe meeting at the Dundee STUC conference last week .


George McIrvine : May Day Celebration organised by Dundee Trades Council

Richard McCready : Fortnightly Bin Collections - What Happened to the Consultation?

Marlyn Glen : The Sixties, Hereditary Sexual Discrimination and the Swingometer

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Beach Recommended Again by the Marine Conservation Society

George McIrvine : STUC conference speech

Jenny Marra and Johann Lamont MSP supporting the Women's Votes campaign by the STUC Women's Committee at STUC Congress in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : High Quality, High-Paid Jobs : The Route out of the Cost of Living Crisis

Brian Gordon : Housing Convener Should Consider His Position

Laurie Bidwell : Call for Broughty Ferry Station to be Upgraded 

Kevin Keenan : Renewables Jobs for Dundee

Marlyn Glen : A Well-Paid Job - The Best Method of Self-Improvement

Laurie Bidwell : Health and Safety of Dundee School Buildings

Jenny Marra MSP : Developing Skills for Scotland's Digital Economy

Jim McGovern MP backs Labour’s call to scrap the Bedroom Tax

Jenny Marra MSP : No Title to Property - motion tabled by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra : Time to End the Cruellest Punishment

Jim McGovern backs Dundee airport

Lesley Brennan : Evidence to House of Commons Scottish Affairs Committee in the Impact of the Bedroom Tax in Scotland

March 2014

Lesley Brennan : Calling for a Blue Plaque to Mark the Work of Lily Walker, Dundee Social Reformer

Kevin Keenan : El Sistema

Laurie Bidwell : Visiting Harris Academy for a photo opportunity - Commenting on Ministerial Visit to New Harris Academy Building Site

Richard McCready : Delighted Biomass Plant Binned

Jim McGovern condemns “out of touch” Budget

Marc Winsland : Five Million People, Two Choices, One Nation

Jenny Marra MSP : European Youth Guarantee

Lesley Brennan : Corporation Tax Cut Consequences

Marlyn Glen : Poverty- the 5/20 Divide


Jenny Marra : speech in the Scottish Parliament debate on Women

Richard McCready : Responsible Dog Ownership in Scotland

Laurie Bidwell : Meeting with Scottish Water

Lesley Brennan : Tackling Inequality 

Lesley Brennan : Keeping the £

Jenny Marra, Jim McGovern, Kevin Keenan : SNP and Independence putting Dundee jobs at risk

Norma McGovern : Norma’s report to her Lochee ward constituents

Richard McCready : Community Spirit Action group

Laurie Bidwell : Free Dundee App for Tourists and Residents - Simply Indispensable

Laurie Bidwell : Increase in Reserved Places in Broughty Ferry Schools for 2014-15

Richard McCready : Fairtrade Fortnight

February 2014

Jim McGovern : Dundee Airport

Jim McGovern pledges to help local businesses after mistreatment by the banks 

Jenny Marra : Scotland’s Children - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Lesley Brennan : Courageous Women Coming Forward on Domestic Abuse

Lesley Brennan : The Mills Observatory

Phil Welsh : Benefits Street

Jenny Marra : Early Years Practitioners in Dundee - Motion submitted by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra : Petition  - Ask Scotland's Justice Secretary to Support the Proposed Human Trafficking Bill in Scotland

Richard McCready : Thermal Imaging in the West End

Phil Welsh : Peter Black and the Newport War Memorial

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP must come clean on the Cost of Losing the Pound


Jenny Marra MSP  : Early Years Practitioners - It’s wrong to offset cuts in this way


Lesley Brennan : The 2015 Mission

Richard McCready : West End Community Council

Richard McCready : Control of Dogs in Parks, Cemeteries and Open Spaces

Richard McCready : Sport Dundee Committee

Kevin Keenan : Dundee City Council Budget statement

Laurie Bidwell : Labour Budget Proposal Can Retain the Early Years Practitioners Based in 22 of Our Primary Schools

Jim McGovern condemns HMRC office closures

Jim McGovern - Dundee Airport : Comment on letter to Dundee City Council by Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Airport

Phil Welsh : Before Jute, jam and journalism there were sacks, shells and suffrage.

Lesley Brennan : Closure of Police Public Counters in Dundee

Marlyn Glen : What Inequality Does

Laurie Bidwell : International Safer Internet Day 2014

Richard McCready : Conference Costing at least £699 - Value for Money ?

Brian Gordon : Whitfield Regeneration - An Excellent Choice for Housing

Richard McCready : Community Spirit Action Group

Laurie Bidwell : Grove Academy Prominent in Sunday Times Top 50 State Secondary Schools in Scotland

Jenny Marra MSP : Scottish Budget - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra : Female Genital Mutilation - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Laurie Bidwell : Revealed - The 22 Dundee Schools Which Will Lose their Early Years Practitioners in Proposed Budget Cuts

Laurie Bidwell : The Proposed Loss of Early Years Practitioners from 22 Primary Schools in Dundee

January 2014

Jenny Marra : Primary Pupils Losing Out

Richard McCready : Biomass Plant – Time for Clarity

Richard McCready : Muslim Cemetery

Marlyn Glen : The Cost of Childcare

< style="font-family: 'Times New Roman',serif"> Jim McGovern ‘takes a step’ against prejudice by signing Holocaust Memorial Day Book of Commitment

< style="font-family: 'Times New Roman',serif"> Jenny Marra : Scottish Budget - Scottish Parliament speech

< style="font-family: 'Times New Roman',serif"> Jim McGovern : Statement on new Loganair route between Dundee and London

Richard McCready : Hogmanay in Dundee

Jenny Marra : Human Trafficking Bill

Richard McCready : Council Fire and Police Meeting  

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Development Management Committee Meeting


Kevin Keenan : Dundee SNP Cuts are "Astonishing"

Jenny Marra : Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's Proposed Further Cuts in Dundee Primary Schools  

Richard McCready : West End Community Council meeting


Richard McCready : City Council Meeting 13 January 2014


Marlyn Glen : New Year Celebrations  : Bringing in 2015 in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP saves Stirling but fails Dundee



Jim McGovern writes to United Nations concerning Father Jean-Pierre Ndulani

Jenny Marra MSP : Dog Control Legislation - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Jenny Marra : Scotland’s Economy - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Call to Abolish £1,200 Maternity Tribunal Charge

Laurie Bidwell : Report to Broughty Ferry Community Council

December 2013

Lesley Brennan : Stress and the NHS

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Environment Issues

Laurie Bidwell : Environment Committee Approves Play Area Improvements at Castle Green and Orchar Park

Laurie Bidwell  : Primary Class Size Failure - SNP can't be trusted on their education pledges


Jenny Marra : Human Rights - speech in the Scottish Parliament

Norma McGovern : Report to her Lochee Constituents

Lesley Brennan : Domestic Abuse Training Session "Valuable"

Lesley Brennan : Dementia - the Rising Cost of Care

Jim McGovern welcomes Transport Scotland report into Dundee Airport

Nelson Mandela

Kevin Keenan

Lesley Brennan

Marlyn Glen

< > Jim McGovern slams ‘out of touch’ Autumn Statement

< style="font-weight: 400"> Laurie Bidwell : Report to the Broughty Ferry Community Council December 2013 Meeting

Lesley Brennan : Road Safety Measures Needed at Gotterstone -Arbroath Road Junction

 Marlyn Glen : The Banking Euro-millionaires, the Foodbanks and the Pope

Richard McCready : World AIDS Day

Kevin Keenan  : Promoting economic development with Dundee in the lead role

Kevin Keenan : Vacant And Derelict Land Programme

November 2013

Jim McGovern : Call for investigation after Amsterdam football disorder

Richard McCready : Action needed on Pay Day Lenders and the cost of living crisis

Lesley Brennan : Referendum : The White Paper - Currency Union and the Currency Disunion within the "Yes" camp

Lesley Brennan and Richard McCready : Debt and Pay Day Loans

Jim McGovern : Camelot King JFK was the champion of equality for all

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Big Fiscal Gap Looms for an independent Scotland while Mr Salmond tries to re-define what a "Yes" vote means

Lesley Brennan : Opposing Cuts to Police-Community links - speech in council debate

Richard McCready : Dundee’s Bid to become UK City of Culture 2017

Lesley Brennan : UK City of Culture 2017 outcome - Dundee will continue to succeed culturally

Jim McGovern < style="font-weight: 400">‘disappointed but not downhearted’ by City of Culture result  

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Keeping the £ -No Cast-Iron Guarantee

Marlyn Glen : Borgen Returns

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Cycling Report Card

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee City of Culture

(Download a copy of Jenny’s speech)

Jenny Marra MSP : Regulatory Reform (Scotland ) Bill Stage 1

Lesley Brennan : We cannot afford to ignore the under-used potential of women

Richard McCready : Call for Special Commission to Mark UK City of Culture Year

Phil Welsh : Dundee Labour Students’ Successful Living Wage Campaign

Lesley Brennan : 25 Police Service Posts lost in Dundee in the past 6 months

Jenny Marra MSP :  Amendment to the Scottish Parliament motion " Hidden in Plain Sight" 

To mark Equal Pay Day :

Lesley Brennan : The Consequences of the Gender Pay Gap

Marlyn Glen : The Gender Pay Gaps

Laurie Bidwell : Equal Pay Day 

Congratulations to Dundee Labour Students for securing  the living wage for 153 staff at Dundee University

Jim McGovern quizzes David Cameron on zero-hours contracts

Marlyn Glen : The Price of Energy and Morality

Jim McGovern MP gives his support to striking university staff

Lesley Brennan : Referendum : Mr. Salmond and Mr. Micawber – Something Will Turn Up

Richard McCready : City Council Meetings

October 2013

Lesley Brennan : Energy Price Freeze –The Broken Market

Lesley Brennan, Georgia Cruickshank, Brian Gordon : Opposing Cuts to Police-community links in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Landfill Tax : Scottish Parliament speech in debate on the Bill

Jim McGovern voices relief for Grangemouth workers

Kevin Keenan : Cosla’s Commission on Local Government

Brian Gordon : The Energy Price Freeze Promise

Georgia Cruickshank : Ed Miliband’s Energy Plan

Richard McCready : Development Management Committee

 Laurie Bidwell : Were Junction Improvements on Broughty Ferry Road a Good Investment?

Lesley Brennan : The prime importance of jobs for women and young adults

Lesley Brennan : The Cost of Living Crisis continues

Marlyn Glen : World Food Day and The Foodbanks

Lesley Brennan : Referendum : The Oil Fund - Behind Closed Doors

Jim McGovern welcomes Blacklisting Compensation Announcement 

September 2013

Jenny Marra speech : Compulsory Microchipping of dogs

Jenny Marra : Consultation on  proposal for new anti-human trafficking legislation

Jenny Marra calls for review of dangerous dog laws

Kevin Keenan : Referendum 2014

Brian Gordon : Next Year’s Referendum

Phil Welsh : Referendum - One Year To Go

Laurie Bidwell : Long Awaited Upgrading of Kerbs and Pavements in Gray Street Starting Monday - 100 yards better but miles to go!

Georgia Cruickshank :The women’s vote and the referendum

Marlyn Glen : The Battle of Flodden and The Flodden Peace and Reconciliation Centre

Richard McCready : Concern over Harris Academy Fire

Jenny Marra : Enterprise Networks

Jenny Marra MSP : Kemback Closure is a "disgrace"

Jenny Marra MSP : Councillors urged to reject independent report on Kemback Street or face Judicial Review

Jenny Marra MSP : Prince’s Trust Young People quiz new Shadow Minister

Laurie Bidwell : International Literacy Day

Laurie Bidwell : Consultation with Parents and Carers on the Future of Early Learning and Childcare in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Wages and Inequality

Marlyn Glen : Conductor at Last Night of the Proms is the subject of Off-Key Comments

Laurie Bidwell : Maintaining Vibrant Communities and Houses in Multiple Occupation

Jim McGovern gives his stamp of approval to the new-look Lochee Post Office 

Laurie Bidwell : Proposed Change to Pay of Short Term Supply Teachers is Not Comprehensive Enough

Laurie Bidwell : Record Low in House Building in Scotland Is Bad News

Richard McCready : Listening to the views of local people in the West End

August 2013

Jim McGovern backs Labour’s Syria Motion

Richard McCready : Seamus Heaney RIP

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - No Answers to the Questions Put by the “No” Campaign

Norma McGovern - Report to Lochee ward constituents

Laurie Bidwell : Centenary of the Opening Of Eastern Primary School

Marlyn Glen : Violence against Women : The “Slap Hillary Clinton” online “Game”

Richard McCready : Update on Harris Academy

Lesley Brennan : Dundee City Council Revised Housing Letting Regulations Consultation

Laurie Bidwell : Colleges of Further Education have been on the receiving end of particularly harsh and unrelenting cuts, year after year.

Kevin Keenan : The number in permanent jobs in Dundee falls by 4,300 in two years

Laurie Bidwell : Video of Martin Luther King's “I Have A Dream” Speech - 50th. anniversary today

Lesley Brennan - The Economy : The Biblical Tale of the Pharaoh’s Dream

Laurie Bidwell : Baldovie and Riverside Recycling Centres Back to Normal on Monday

Jim McGovern Calls for Assurance over Priest Kidnap

Jim McGovern Visits Dundee Foodbank

Norma McGovern : Visit to Dundee Foodbank

Lesley Brennan : The Economy - Workers set to lose £6,600 by the time of the next election

Richard McCready :Harris Academy

Richard McCready : Recyling Policy Binned

Laurie Bidwell : Unpopular Recycling Decision To Be Reversed

Kevin Keenan : We Must Invest More in Improving the Skills of Our Young Adults

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Seeking more powers – to do what ?

Laurie Bidwell :187 Unemployed in Broughty Ferry in Receipt of Job Seekers Allowance

Richard McCready : Police, Fire and Community Safety

Richard McCready : West End Local Community Planning Partnership

Brian Gordon : Out of Work Figures – “North East Ward Deserves Better”

Georgia Cruickshank : Concern over Long-Term Unemployment in the Maryfield Ward

Marlyn Glen : A Female-Friendly Labour Market Is Needed

Norma McGovern : Council Consultations

Richard McCready : Development Management Committee

Richard McCready : Blacklisting Meeting

Better Together campaigning in the City Centre

Better Together campaigning in Broughty Ferry 

Better Together Campaigning in the West End 

Phil Welsh : Zero Hours Contracts

Richard McCready : What Would You Love To See in Dundee in 2017

Norma McGovern : Recycling Facilities in the general Marchbanks area

Laurie Bidwell : Road Safety Improvements in Claypotts Road Outside Grove Academy

Laurie Bidwell :Call for Building Work at Barnhill Primary School to be Complete Before Pupils Return Next Week

Norma McGovern : Welcome for new Lochee store and 150 jobs

Jim McGovern calls for avoidance of a “Race to the Bottom” on Workers’ Rights

Richard McCready : Remembering Hiroshima - Never Let it happen again

Lesley Brennan : A Message from Canada

Richard McCready : Call for Council Action on Blacklisting

Photograph of Better Together stall at Celebration in the Park , Baxter Park

Lesley Brennan : George Osborne’s Invisible Recovery

July 2013

Laurie Bidwell  : Planned Merger of Dundee and Angus Colleges Can't Distract from SNP Cuts in Further Education

Richard McCready : Graffiti Damage in the West End

Jim Mc Govern and Richard McCready Call for Review into Seagull Control

Jim McGovern gives his full support to the campaign to keep the postal service in the public sector

Laurie Bidwell : Four Dundee Parks Receive Prestigious Green Flag Awards 2013

Lesley Brennan :  Referendum - The Inflatable Oil Figures  And The Claim That They Are Worth £300,000 To Each Of Us

Kevin Keenan : Industrial Tribunals

Marlyn Glen : Poverty in a Cold Economic Climate

George McIrvine : Advert seeking to recruit Police Sergeants into Control Rooms

Lesley Brennan : East End Policing Plan

Jenny Marra MSP : No comfort in latest bankruptcy figures for Scotland

Norma McGovern : Welcome for Lochee Post Office refurbishment

Marlyn Glen : Why the Jane Austen banknote victory is important

Laurie Bidwell : United with Labour campaigning in The Ferry

Jenny Marra MSP : Hutting in Scotland - Motion in the Scottish Parliament

Brian Gordon : Policing Plan for the North East ward

Phil Welsh : School Meals, Source and Choice

Kevin Keenan : Dundee’s employment rate needs to be driven up the Scottish level

Laurie Bidwell : National Performance Centre for Sport at Camperdown - Drop-In Public Event Wed 24 July Landmark Hotel 4-8pm

Brian Gordon : North East Ward Unemployment figures

Phil Welsh : School Meals, Source and Choice

Jenny Marra MSP :  Unemployment Figures Show Mixed Economic Picture

Lesley Brennan : Save Our Royal Mail : Fear that the Universal Postal Service will Quickly Decline

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee to Arbroath - One of Britain's Best Bike Rides on Our Doorstep

Phil Welsh : Alex Salmond's Independence White Paper and Scotland's Writers

Brian Gordon : Supporting the Save Our Royal Mail campaign

Marlyn Glen : Wimbledon, Tennis and Sexism

Jim McGovern opposes plans to privatise the Royal Mail service

Lesley Brennan : Save Our Royal Mail campaign

Laurie Bidwell : Revised House Letting Policy - Have Your Say During the Public Consultation


Phil Welsh : Food Shortages

Norma McGovern Attends ASDA Myrekirk Store Preview


Phil Welsh : Andy Murray's Success

Lesley Brennan : Happy 65th. Birthday, NHS!

Call for More Integrated Consultation and Policy Development for Late Night Opening of Clubs, Pubs and Takeaways 

Laurie Bidwell : The NHS at 65

Marlyn Glen : The Bill That Was Struck Down By Silence

Phil Welsh : Regeneration City-Wide

Richard McCready : Great to see new Olympia Open - Hope Dundee Wins National Performance Centre

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Community Council meeting

Jenny Marra MSP : SNP had the power to save Remploy

Jim McGovern condemns Remploy "betrayal"

Jim McGovern slams Government Work Programme

Kevin Keenan : The Bedroom Tax

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Robert Burns Can't Vote and John Swinney Can't Say

Councillor Norma McGovern : Report to her constituents in the Lochee Ward

Phil Welsh : Poverty in Dundee : Tough and Unenviable Times

June 2013

Lesley Brennan : Child Poverty in Dundee : The Economic Reasons for Tackling Poverty

Marlyn Glen : Julia Gillard , Personal Abuse and Australian Rules Politics

Richard McCready : Austerity Uncovered

Laurie Bidwell : Worrying Claims Higher Maths Exam Was Dumbed Down

Richard McCready : Frank Christie

Lesley Brennan : Dundee Biomass -speech in the council debate

Richard McCready : Dundee Biomass - speech in the council debate

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

Marlyn Glen : Progressing Gender Equality

Richard McCready : Supporting the IF Campaign

Dundee UK City of Culture 2017 Bid

Richard McCready

Kevin Keenan

Jim McGovern

Lesley Brennan

Laurie Bidwell

Jenny Marra : Speeches in Scottish Parliament debate on Victims and Witnesses Bill

Lesley Brennan : Referendum – More problems for Alex Salmond’s economic “vision”

Marlyn Glen : Childcare and Getting More Women into Work

Jim McGovern calls on the Prime Minister to act against Blacklisting 

Richard McCready  : Domestic Waste Collection Strategy

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry Beach’s Award for 10th Year in a Row

Jenny Marra MSP : Court Closures - speech in the Scottish Parliament

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee 2nd Economic Summit - Focusing on Youth Unemployment and Capitalising on the V and A @Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Proposed sale of the Belmont Estate

Marlyn Glen : The Suffragettes and 100 Years On

Richard McCready : Dundee Economic Summit

Kevin Keenan : Police Scotland plan for Strathmartine ward  

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - The Corporation Tax Cut Race to the Bottom

Richard McCready : Walking the Breadline - The Scandal of Food Poverty in 21st Century Britain

Richard McCready : Dundee Rep Board meeting and Kora

Marlyn Glen : Supporting Rhoda Grant’s proposed Bill to criminalise the purchase of sex

May 2013

Jim McGovern : Remploy Fails in £6million MoD Contract Bid

Jim McGovern MP : Government’s Remploy Policy in Disarray

Jim McGovern Visits NCR

Jenny Marra : The Tay Tax - Speech in the Scottish Parliament

Download Jenny’s speech (PDF)

Laurie Bidwell, Lesley Brennan : Percentage of graduates in local workforce rises

Brian Gordon, Lesley Brennan, Kevin Keenan : Bedroom Tax :  Councillors comment on latest figures

George McIrvine  :  Police Custody and Security Officers are fully authorised to take fingerprints and DNA samples – UNISON

Lesley Brennan : Referendum - Independence : It was all supposed to be so easy.....but then came the questions

Jenny Marra demands answers over police DNA revelations

Jim McGovern MP visits Remploy following Severance Injustice

Jim McGovern hears of Tayside Construction Forum's " good work" on apprenticeships and local employment

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee still with the highest Job Seekers Allowance rate of the 4 main Scottish cities

< > Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Library Service Wins 'Library of the Year Award'

Lesley Brennan :  When a £7 billion Scottish deficit means that every Scot is “£824 better off”

Richard McCready : Official Opening of West End Schools

Marlyn Glen : Alan Johnson, former Labour Cabinet Minister’s new book This Boy - “For Linda who Kept Me Safe”

Referendum -  Scottish Labour video : United with Labour

Brian Gordon  : ”Done deal” anger over closure of Whitfield Post Office

Lesley Brennan : More Woe for Mr. Osborne

Laurie Bidwell : Broughty Ferry  is a Vibrant and Skilled Community Which is Capably Supported by Community Learning; That's Official

Richard McCready : Support for Greater Regulation of Buses  

Lesley Brennan and Kevin Keenan Dundee Unemployment Level : SNP Trying to Discredit Figures published by their own Scottish Government

Marlyn Glen : Ready to return to active government intervention

Jenny Marra MSP  : Community Justice System - Speech in the Scottish Parliament  

Laurie Bidwell : Early Years Collaborative Workshop Was Thought-Provoking

April 2013

Lesley Brennan : Dismal Unemployment Figures for Dundee

Lesley Brennan : The Rise in Female Self-Employment May Reflect the Weak State of the Economy

Richard McCready : Concern over services - Support for Royal Mail

Lesley Brennan : George Osborne and the Blunders in a Spreadsheet

Kevin Keenan : Rent Arrears

Kevin Keenan : The Work Programme in Dundee : a big failure

Lesley Brennan : Challenging The Misconceptions about Poverty

Brian Gordon : Fears for the Sheltered Housing Warden Service

Marlyn Glen : Why We Need The Commission on Older Women

Richard McCready : Need for Action on Blacklisting

Jenny Marra : One Billion Rising campaign (speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra : Dundee on final shortlist for Football Academy

Lesley Brennan : Welfare Benefit Cuts - Dundee to lose £58 million a year

Marlyn Glen : Cuts will reverse improvements in Child well-being

Lesley Brennan : A Pupil’s Question to a Government Minister to Help Him Answer a Possible Exam Question

Richard McCready : Biomass Plant : Robust Scrutiny is Required

Jenny Marra MSP : Court Closures Will Be a Substantial Blow to Towns Affected 

Jenny Marra : Legal Fight to save Kemback Street Moves Closer to Victory

Lesley Brennan : Redistribution and Predistribution

Marlyn Glen : The Impoverishment of Britain continues

Richard McCready : Action on the Tay Tax Welcome

Lesley Brennan : Osbornia and the Quarter of A Trillion Pound Man

Laurie Bidwell : We are all in this together – not

Kevin Keenan : Call for Full Investigation over Kemback closure controversy

Brian Gordon : The SNP do not have a policy of “No Evictions”

Richard McCready : New Fire Service Must Listen to Local Views

Jenny Marra MSP : I'm delighted that Alex Salmond has listened to Labour's campaign on the Tay Tax and has reduced the Dundee fares.

Kevin Keenan : Call for Investigation into Kemback Closure Controversy

March 2013

Lesley Brennan : The Cuts : How Dundee will be affected

Marlyn Glen : The Cuts that are coming

Kevin Keenan : Dundee City Council and the Bedroom Tax : Statement on the SNP administration's policy on evictions  

Lesley Brennan : The Tories carry on as if nothing has gone wrong

Richard McCready : Bedroom Tax

Laurie Bidwell : Final Meeting of Tayside Police After Thirty Eight Years Service

Jenny Marra MSP  : Council running scared over Kemback

Richard McCready : Curriculum for Excellence

Lesley Brennan : Cold Water Poured Over Alex Salmond’s oil boom claim

Jenny Marra : Academy would do wonders for city’s pride

Richard McCready : Remploy Action Group Disappointment

Kevin Keenan : Dundee's Jobseekers's rate remains the highest of the 4 main Scottish Cities

Lesley Brennan : Last week's oil boom and this week's projected fall in oil revenues

Marlyn Glen : What Women's Unpaid Work is Worth

Richard McCready : Earth Hour

Laurie Bidwell : Launch of Teach Global Ambassadors

Jim McGovern criticises "lacklustre" Budget

Lesley Brennan : Last week's £28 billion  deficit and this week's oil boom

Jenny Marra : Iraq - Speech in the Scottish Parliament debate

Lesley Brennan : Rising Concern over Women’s Unemployment

Jenny Marra : Police Centralisation (speech in the Scottish Parliament)

Lesley Brennan : Speech against the Bedroom Tax in council debate

Richard McCready : No place for Loan Sharks

Laurie Bidwell : Consultation on the Proposals for the Merger of Dundee and Angus Further Education Colleges

Jim McGovern presses government on victims of bank mis-selling

Lesley Brennan : The Economy - Victims of a Fad

Laurie Bidwell : Supporting Dundee Bid for UK City of Culture 2017

Richard McCready : Consultation on Bin Proposals Needed

Laurie Bidwell and Lesley Brennan : Flatlining EMAs and Reductions in College Budgets Bad News for Our Young People

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee has the highest rate for Underemployment in Scotland

Marlyn Glen : The Lack of Women and the annual £170 million loss to the Scottish Economy

Richard McCready : What a Welcome to Dundee !

Jenny Marra : NHS Waiting Times (Speech in the Scottish Parliament )

Jenny Marra - Motion - Equality and Human Rights Commission Inquiry into Human Trafficking in Scotland

Jim McGovern challenges the growth of Food Bank Britain

Jenny Marra publishes buried Ninewells report

Richard McCready : Buried Ninewells Report published

Dundee City Council Budget and its Double Standards

February 2013

Jim  McGovern presses Ministry of Defence over Remploy support

Marlyn Glen : Women Wanting to Work, Waiting for Work

Jenny Marra : SNP Presiding over Cover-Up Culture at Ninewells Hospital

Kevin Keenan : Dundee Unemployment rises ; jobseekers allowance rate the highest of the Scottish cities

Lesley Brennan : The End Child Poverty campaign

Laurie Bidwell : Education Department Got Their Sums Wrong

Lesley Brennan : The Bedroom Tax - Working Together Against it

Kevin Keenan : Kemback Street - Another Fine Mess

Jim McGovern calls for Dundee Waterfront Development meeting on use of local labour

Lesley Brennan : The Bedroom Tax

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Budget Set

Lesley Brennan : The Impact of the SNP's Budget Cuts in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee School Leavers' Destinations

Lesley Brennan : Dundee's Disposable Household Income

Jenny Marra MSP : Kemback Street families to get their day in court

Kevin Keenan : Council Budget - The Labour Group's alternative savings

Jim McGovern writes to Minister on Remploy bid

Jim McGovern saddened by Pope's resignation

Jenny Marra : Arab Trust backing for National Football Academy bid

Richard McCready : Protect the Vulnerable

Richard McCready : Action Needed Against Blacklisting

Laurie Bidwell : New Schools Consultation : Have Your Say

Jim McGovern calls for urgent action for Dundee Remploy

Lesley Brennan : The Cost of a Disease - Diabetes

Marlyn Glen : Borgen and Scottish Politics

Jenny Marra : Speech on Human Rights

January 2013

Kevin Keenan : Kemback Street Report Findings Must Be on the Council's Agenda for Discussion

Laurie Bidwell : Little Change in  Numbers of University Applicants from Scotland 

Richard McCready : Changing for the Future Board  - Amazing Scenes at Meeting

Jenny Marra : Transport Minister is challenged to experience the "Tay Tax"

Jenny Marra is backing student campaign to reverse college cuts

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate is now over 10 per cent

Marlyn Glen : Why we need more women in politics

Jim McGovern calls for urgent meeting over Dundee Airport passenger numbers

Jim McGovern raises concerns in the Commons over SNP Regiment promises

Laurie Bidwell : Grove, Harris, Morgan, Menzieshill and St John's will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 from August

Georgia Cruickshank : Maryfield Residents Needs a More Effective and Coordinated Response to Prostitution

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's broken promises on primary class sizes in Dundee

Richard McCready : Dundee Rail Station

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : New Report on Dundee's Prospects for Economic Growth

Laurie Bidwell : Call for Clarity About Which Secondary Schools Will Have Larger English and Maths Classes in S1/2 

Jenny Marra : Scottish Parliament Motion : Mental Health Services for Deaf Children and Young People

Richard McCready : Time To End The Secretive Sham That Is The Changing For The Future Board

Jenny Marra  : Support for CWU campaign "Close The Loophole"

Kevin Keenan :  Dundee Council Tax 

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Education Cuts in Dundee Reveal Shocking Abandonment of Class Size Reductions in Primary and Secondary Schools

Marlyn Glen : Downton Abbey : A Reminder of the Rate of Progress of Women

Laurie Bidwell : Welfare Rights and Wrongs  for Older People in Dundee

Jim McGovern describes Scotland Office meeting as ‘informative and productive’

Richard McCready : Greater Regulation of Buses 

Jim McGovern raised Dundee Work Programme concerns

Lesley Brennan : Austerity : Paying the price for the mistaken assumptions of others

Marlyn Glen : 4 year real terms Fall in Dundee Women's earnings

Jenny Marra : The Tay Tax is a disgrace

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Unemployment in Dundee construction sector

Kevin Keenan and Lesley Brennan : Dundee's unemployment rate stands at 10 per cent

December 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Exam Results 22 December 2012

Marlyn Glen : Borgen : The precarious political work-family balance 21 December 2012

Jenny Marra : Commonwealth Games 2014 -Scottish Parliament speech

Jim McGovern "disappointed" by Scottish Government Remploy announcement

Laurie Bidwell : Call for action on sale of ex-Eastern Primary School

Richard McCready : Shelter's Letter to Santa

Lesley Brennan : Dundee as a "creative city"

Marlyn Glen : George Osborne's Autumn Statement : No season of mists and mellow fruitfulness for women

Kevin Keenan : Statement on Olympia pool delay

Jenny Marra challenges Dundee SNP over shovel-ready projects

Kevin Keenan : A Tale of Two Cities - Dundee October 1966 and Dundee 2012

Marlyn Glen : Counting the Cost of the lack of Affordable Childcare

Lesley Brennan : Why the number of nurses matters

Jenny Marra : Policing

Jim McGovern slams UK Government over Remploy "betrayal"

Jim McGovern condemns Autumn Statement as " an admission of failure"


November 2012

Dundee Labour back Dundee’s bid for UK City of Culture status

Laurie Bidwell : 10.5 per cent Fall in University Applications from Scottish Applicants

Richard McCready : Legal Loan Sharks - Dundee City Council Action

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Councillors Halved the Representation of Parents in the Planning of New City Schools

Kevin Keenan : Lower wages are bad for the Dundee economy

Lesley Brennan : Gender Pay Differences in Dundee - and Beyond

Jim McGovern  raises value of UK armed forces to the Scottish economy

Richard McCready : Making Dundee the UK City of Culture in 2017

Lesley Brennan : Concern over supply of midwives as "retirement bulge" looms

Marlyn Glen  : The calls for a Fairer Scotland

Richard McCready : Progress on the Living Wage - could go further 

Jim McGovern calls for action over Dundee Job Losses

Jim McGovern raises Dundee Royal Marine Reserves in Commons

Jim McGovern welcomes nomination for political award

Laurie Bidwell and Georgia Cruickshank : Superstorm Sandy and Coastal Flooding Risks in Dundee

October 2012

Lesley Brennan : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Richard McCready : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Laurie Bidwell : Speech opposing closure of Kemback Street Day Centre

Jim McGovern < style="font-weight: 400"> condemns Kemback Street Day Centre Closure Decision

< style="font-weight: 400"> Marlyn Glen : Funding Our Future Services

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on £18 million Cuts in Council Budget Over the Next 2 Years  

< style="font-weight: 400"> Jim McGovern disappointed by Loganair Dundee airport announcement

Jenny Marra speech : Scottish Civil Justice Council and Criminal Legal Assistance Bill Stage 1

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Development Management Committee meeting

Jenny Marra speech : Role of the media in criminal trials

Marlyn Glen : Women and 2020

Laurie  Bidwell : Fair Fares Please for Broughty Ferry Trains

Richard McCready : Pleased that council agrees to Games Tax Relief consultation

Jenny Marra MSP launches Switches Together campaign

Kevin Keenan and Laurie Bidwell : What Next for Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery School?

Jim McGovern welcomes "inspirational" Ed Miliband speech

Richard McCready : Council should be heard being in support of games industry


September 2012

Richard McCready : Crisis in Education and a Star Chamber

Laurie Bidwell and Kevin Keenan : Welcome for Future Funding for Rebuilding Baldragon Academy

Jim McGovern supports Secretary of State’s comments on video games industry

Jenny Marra : Community Sport Inquiry

Marlyn Glen : The American Election and the Republicans' War on Women (part 2)

Kevin Keenan : Dundee has the lowest percentage of full-time employment jobs in mainland Scotland

Richard McCready : V and A Planning Application Approved

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Places at Dundee College

Kevin Keenan - Dundee remains the Scottish city with the highest rate of unemployment

Laurie Bidwell : Integration of Adult Health and Community Care - Dundee City Council's Response to Scottish Government 

Marlyn Glen : The American Election and the Republicans' War on Women

Jenny Marra : “Medieval” shake up of Scottish Legal Aid System

Richard McCready : Well Done, Andy - Now Invest in Sport

Jim McGovern criticises government inaction on jobs as Dundee unemployment increases

Jenny Marra : It's time to ask the Sports Minister to bring the National Football Academy to Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Austerity threatens to reverse prgoress towards gender equality for women

Jenny Marra Calls for Scrapping of Scottish Government Report that Suggests Scottish Computer Games Industry Does Not Exist

Jim McGovern and Kevin Keenan Welcome New Procurement Approach from the Council But Argue for Improvements

Jenny Marra supports Kemback Day Centre Day of Action

Richard McCready : Council should listen to Liz McColgan

Richard McCready : Kemback Street Day Centre

Richard McCready : It Shouldn't Happen Here

Jim McGovern calls for rail ticket simplification

Kevin Keenan : Long term unemployment amongst Dundee's young adults increases from 20 to 380 in 3 years

Marlyn Glen : Nursing numbers continue to fall

Richard McCready : Dundee Together

August 2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Why the National Football Should Come to Dundee

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council and DERL - No Redundancy Policy ?

Jenny Marra : New National Fire and Rescue Service HQ should be located in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Greater Focus and Commitment required for Economic Growth in Dundee

Richard McCready : Five Point Plan for Dundee Jobs

Lesley Brennan : 5,900 underemployed in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Call calls for new target to tackle record high Drug Deaths in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Salmond shows true values in Dealing with Oil Firms

Laurie Bidwell : Proposals for Additional Pupil and Parent Members of the Education Committee Blocked

Richard McCready : City Council and Committee meetings

Dundee Unemployment Levels by City Area

Jim McGovern calls for action over Dundee job losses

Kevin Keenan : Dundee now has the highest unemployment rate of the 4 main Scottish cities

Jim McGovern : "saddened" by Dandy print edition closure

Jenny Marra : New Fire and Rescue Chief has Challenges Ahead

Richard McCready : Inspire a Generation - Build on Olympic Success

Kevin Keenan : Dundee job vacancies - "figures make grim reading"

Marlyn Glen : Language and the Left

Jenny Marra : Questions remain for Alex Salmond over Dalai Lama visit

Laurie Bidwell : Celebrating Dundee's exam success

Jenny Marra : Speech, Hiroshima Commemoration

Richard McCready : Hiroshima Anniversary

Kevin Keenan : Call for More Work for Dundee's Building Industry

Laurie Bidwell : SQA Exam Results Leak Shambles

July 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns About Continuing Access to UK Research Council Grants for City's Universities

Jim McGovern backs petition to save Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre

Lesley Brennan : Quarter of a million working hours lost through stress-related illnesses as cuts take toll on health of dedicated NHS workforce

Jim McGovern renews call on SNP to give clear answer on referendum question

Marlyn Glen : The Newsroom, or The Return of The West Wing

Laurie Bidwell : Graduate Unemployment Figures Very Disappointing

Jim McGovern challenges local SNP : Which side are you on?

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns about the Planned Closure of Kemback Street Adult Resource Centre

Jim McGovern slams UK government's welfare reform policy

Marlyn Glen : Austerity and another Lourdes

Kevin Keenan : Unemployment in Dundee is at a 14-year high

Jenny Marra : Commuters are victims of  unfair ‘Tay Tax’

Jenny Marra Calls for Dundee Tennis Court Upgrades

Jim McGovern welcomes new job opportunities in Dundee 

Jenny Marra MSP : Report calls for Bereaved Families to be granted Greater Access to Road Accident Information

Lesley Brennan : Reckelssly riding roughshod over residents' despair

Jim McGovern pledges support for Remploy strike action

Jenny Marra   : 200 Life Sciences Jobs is " fantastic news for University and Dundee"

Jenny Marra MSP : Lord Advocate Has Questions to Answer Over Crown Office Investigation into Banking

Jim McGovern welcomes confirmation of government Black Watch u-turn

Jenny Marra comments on Family Savings Report on Young Adults who need money from "Cashpoint Parents"

June 2012

Marlyn Glen : Women and the Referendum

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee Energy Summit hailed as a success

Jim McGovern launches Dundee "Better Together" campaign

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Councillors on City Council Reject Appeal for Additional Funds for Welfare Rights Advice Services in the City

Jenny Marra : Dalai Lama snub "very sad"

Richard McCready : Dundee Should Apply to be UK City of Culture in 2017

Jenny Marra : Speech on Families

Jenny Marra : Speech on Criminal Cases (Punishment and Review) (Scotland) Bill

Laurie Bidwell and Kevin Keenan :  Cautious Welcome for new proposals for Schools and Community Facilities

Marlyn Glen : A School Closure in Dundee

Richard McCready : Scrutiny Committee

Jenny Marra : Women's Representation on Public Sector Boards

Jim McGovern elected as Chair of Scottish Parliamentary Labour Group

Richard McCready : Employment Rights Stop Employment Wrongs

May 2012

Jenny Marra demands clarity over tuition fees for Northern Irish students coming to Dundee

Jim McGovern Welcomes Joint Economic Study for Improved Transport Links

Marlyn Glen : Work-related stress is a major social problem

Laurie Bidwell : Adding a Pupil and Parental Voice to the Education Committee

Jenny Marra - Deaf Awareness Week

Jim McGovern welcomes Prime Minister’s u-turn on the Black Watch  

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council Statutory Meeting

George McIrvine  - Extra police should be out on the beat, not replacing civilian staff who have been made redundant.

Jim McGovern meets with Black Watch Association members in Dundee

Jim McGovern calls for Commons statement on the Black Watch

Jim McGovern condemns the government as "out of touch and out of ideas" 

Jenny Marra - Hate Crime Figures Begin to Shine a Light on True Scale of Problem

Marlyn Glen : The NHS and the Oil Fund

Jim McGovern calls on the Government to protect the Black Watch

Jim McGovern joins public sector employees in support of pensions strike April 2012

April 2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee University Tops Student Satisfaction Survey

Laurie Bidwell :Alternative Vision for Education in the City That Includes Bringing Back the Visiting Primary PE and Music Teachers

Jenny Marrra MSP : Bus Services - Parliamentary speech

Jenny Marra :  Criminal Cases (Punishment and Review) (Scotland) Bill

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee - Orléans online link for French Presidential election

Kevin Keenan : Put Dundee First

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Labour Offers Alternative Vision for Education in the City That Includes Bringing Back the Visiting Primary PE and Music Teachers

Dundee-Orleans online link for French Presidential election

Laurie Bidwell : 2,400 Dundee Families Set to Lose Their Tax Credits from 6th. April

Laurie Bidwell : Referendum : More Bad News for Salmond's Proposed Question from BBC Maths course for adults 5 April 2012

Jim McGovern welcomes railway station cash boost 5 April 2012

Jenny Marra -  Parliamentary Motion on Deaf Awareness Week

Marlyn Glen : Campaigning in local elections : Outside the political world of the national media 3 April 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Referendum - More Bad News for Salmond's Proposed Question from BBC Maths course for adults


Laurie Bidwell : Bring Back Visiting PE Teachers to our Primary Schools March 2012

Richard McCready : Dundee delight as SNP forced to abandon city train proposal

March 2012

Laurie Bidwell : Curriculum for Excellence : Convener and Director of Education Plough on Regardless

Jim McGovern : raises transport concerns at Dundee Economic Summit

Richard McCready : A listening council - they don't even listen to their own ministers


Marlyn Glen : Tax Cuts before Tax Credits

Laurie Bidwell - Curriculum for Excellence in Dundee Must Provide Best Options for Our Secondary School Pupils

Jenny Marra - Concern over threat to Solar Cities Project

Jenny Marra Speech on Remploy

Jenny Marra joins with local artists to fight "Arts Tax"

Jenny Marra Parliamentary Motion < >  -  Hands off Abertay Wins Campaign of the Year

Jim McGovern welcomes Computer Games Industry U-turn

Marlyn Glen : The 10,000 women and the 600 hours of free nursery provision

Jim McGovern joins parliamentary group’s call for more support for computer games industry

Jim McGovern welcomes new Royal Mail stamps

Richard McCready : Procurement matters – or how councils can make a difference

Jenny Marra Concern at Funding Cut to Women’s Aid

Jenny Marra -  < > Uniforms for New Police Force should be made by Supported Workplaces 

Dundee City Council election manifesto launched

Labour announces its candidates for City Council election

Laurie Bidwell : Speech on Changes in Housing Benefit and Welfare Reform

Richard McCready : Dundee City Council adopts the Living Wage

Richard McCready : Address to the Scottish Labour Party conference in Dundee

Jim McGovern presses Government on increasing energy prices

Jim McGovern calls for Government answers on the next steps for Remploy in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : Aberdeen's City Gardens Project

Jenny Marra introduces Ed Miliband to the Scottish Labour Party conference in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Address to Scottish Labour Party conference in Dundee

Lesley Brennan : Speech on health to the Scottish Labour Party conference in Dundee

George McIrvine speech to the Labour Party conference in Dundee : A Safer Scotland

February 2012

Marlyn Glen : The "planned reduction" in the number of nursing staff

Marlyn Glen : Living side by side - Underemployment and Unpaid Overtime

Jenny Marra MSP : Labour calls for Human Trafficking to be made Statutory Aggravation

Jenny Marra MSP : Human Trafficking - speech in the Scottish Parliament

Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Anti-Slavery Day Act for Scotland 

Councillor Richard McCready : Dundee City Council meetings

Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Gender Equality

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Introduction of the New Secondary School Exams - Call for Clarity in Dundee

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Scottish Government and Dundee City Council Out of Step on Exercise

Jenny Marra MSP : Concern at Supply Teachers Pay Cut as Places Go Unfilled

Kevin Keenan : Dundee job vacancies now the third lowest in 6 years

Councillor Richard McCready : Dundee City Council meetings

Councillor Richard McCready : Updating Dundee City Council's policy on Fairtrade Policy

Jim McGovern MP calls for more employment support

Kevin Keenan : Budget statement

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Speeches in debates on Council Spending and Capital Plan

Councillor George Regan to stand down

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Curriculum for Excellence in Dundee - Urgent Local and National Changes Required

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Should we Delay the Introduction of the New National Exams in Dundee Secondary Schools?

Councillor Richard McCready : Audit Scotland Report on Tayside Fire and Rescue

Councillor Kevin Keenan : Labour group Budget Statement

Marlyn Glen : The NHS and the 5 -Year Council Tax Freeze

Jenny Marra urges MacAskill to Drop "Regressive " Prison Plans

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Labour's Alternative Budget Proposals for Dundee

Jim McGovern pushes UK Government to take action on jobs for Dundee

January 2012

Jenny Marra : Going Dutch for lower fuel bills

Laurie Bidwell : I agree with Gordon

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Welcome for increased number of applicants for Dundee and Abertay degree courses

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Key Decisions taken at Education Committee

Jenny Marra MSP : Royal Bank of Scotland bonuses

Jenny Marra MSP : Cutting Police Support Staff is a "False Economy"

Labour Councillors Welcome Council's School Building Programme

Jim McGovern writes to Ministry of Defence over future of Royal Marine Reserves in Dundee

Jenny Marra MSP : National Football Academy : Only fair some investment comes east

Kevin Keenan : Dundee jobs : The Private sector needs a public sector

Marlyn Glen : NHS Tayside : When "overspending" is actually underfunding

Laurie Bidwell : Well-Qualified Population a Positive Indicator for Dundee in Cities Outlook report

Jim McGovern presses UK government on unemployment in Dundee

Marlyn Glen : Child Poverty in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : 12 areas of Dundee where male unemployment is 10 per cent or more

Jenny Marra MSP : It is of Regret First Law Passed by Parliament Was Railroaded Through By SNP

Jenny Marra MSP stands up for Dundee in City Strategy debate

Helen Wright and Mohammed Asif : Call for More Schools for the Hilltown area

New energy idea for Scotland put forward by Jenny Marra MSP

Jenny Marra welcomes Abertay University Computer Games Competition

Jim McGovern calls for action on youth unemployment

Jenny Marra says single police force and fire service offers ‘huge potential’

Jenny Marra MSP lodges motion supporting Evening Telegraph campaign on Dundee literacy levels

Jenny Marra MSP : Dundee and Low Pay

Laurie Bidwell : 32 Period Week Proposal to be Withdrawn but Parents Still Require Urgent Answers

Laurie Bidwell : The Next Round of Education Cuts in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Dundee is now in the Top 5 for Unemployment in Scotland

Marlyn Glen : Obesity -a major public health issue

Jenny Marra MSP : Educational Attainment of Looked-After Children

Laurie Bidwell : Gray Street Underpass Improvements

Councillor Richard McCready : City Council Meeting

Jim McGovern calls for action on Dundee Railway Station

Jim McGovern congratulates Local Charity on Awards for All Grant

Jim McGovern calls for more support for Brittle Bone Society in Commons

Jenny Marra signs The Pledge for Prostate Cancer

Kevin Keenan : Dundee's New Year Challenge in 2012

December 2011

Kevin Keenan : Huge fall in value of Dundee City Council no change revenue allocation

Laurie Bidwell :Unexplained Absences in our Schools Need Explanation and Action

Marlyn Glen : Charles Dickens, Dundee and Hard Times

Kevin Keenan : Dundee long-term unemployed - largest annual increase of the 4 main Scottish cities

Jenny Marra MSP : Appointment as Shadow Minister

Jim McGovern recognised for his long-standing support for Dundee Remploy

Marlyn Glen : Dundee in 2015

Laurie Bidwell : Cuts in Dundee College Budget

Laurie Bidwell : Disappointing Review of School Estate in Dundee leaves Many Questions

Jim McGovern calls on UK and Scottish Governments to act on unemployment

Jenny Marra MSP welcomes SFA Football Academy at St John’s

Jenny Marra MSP launches Christmas Appeal for Dundee Women’s Aid

Jenny Marra urges First Minster to support Amnesty International on case of Chen Guangcheng

Laurie Bidwell : Teacher Numbers Tumble again in Dundee

Kevin Keenan : Gamesa Dundee 1,000 jobs blow : SNP Government told to produce its plans for energy jobs for the city

Marlyn Glen : NHS Tayside staffing - Three Facts and An Admission

Jenny Marra MSP : Support for Dundee Students at Education Rally

News Digest 8th. December   PDF >>>  Magazine format >>>

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns over method and starting date for refurbishment of Harris Academy

News Digest 2nd. December   PDF >>>  Magazine format >>>

November 2011

Jenny Marra MSP shows support for Dundee pensioner’s fuel poverty campaign

Jenny Marra MSP welcomes news on Nablus fire truck release

Kevin Keenan : Unemployment in Dundee soars by 70 per cent amongst 18-24 year olds

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee - SNP Education Convener Challenged to Answer Questions

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee

Marlyn Glen : Nurses "at breaking point"

Laurie Bidwell : Report on St. Paul's Academy

Laurie Bidwell : The Future of Universities and Colleges in Tayside: A Public Meeting

Jenny Marra Calls for Salmond to Meet with Human Rights Groups While in Quatar


October 2011

Jenny Marra speech on Raising Attainment and Ambition in Young People

Jenny Marra welcomes SNP support for her Games Industry motion

Jim McGovern backs calls for increased support for Computer Games Industry

Jenny Marra speech on Fuel Poverty

Laurie Bidwell : Drop in Applications from Potential Students in Scotland

Jenny Marra urges SNP to back New Fund to boost Scottish Computer Games Industry

Jim McGovern calls for Parliamentary debate on Remploy

Kevin Keenan : Unemployment in Dundee 400 up year-on-year

Marlyn Glen : Women win the Nobel Peace Prize - and Women win an Apology from David Cameron

Kevin Keenan : SNP must pass on extra £67 million for spending to local councils

Richard McCready : St. John's Bus Issue  - Meet the Parents!

Richard McCready : Concern at Ninewells Car Parking Charge  Increase


September 2011

Jim McGovern addresses Dundee Pensioners' Forum

Kevin Keenan : SNP Government must pass on extra £67 million for spending to councils

Jenny Marra MSP : University Debate Shows Clear Support for the union

Kevin Keenan  : The number of young adults unemployed in Dundee is now the same as the total number of people unemployed in the city in the mid 1960s

Marlyn Glen : If girls are outperforming boys at school then why is the gender pay gap still there?

Jim McGovern MP calls on the Government to back Remploy

Councillor Richard McCready and Jenny Marra MSP say that a single fire service should be based in Dundee

Councillor Laurie Bidwell asks, "How Sustainable is Dundee's new Education Department Structure?"

Councillor Richard McCready on the St John's High School Bus Service

Kevin Keenan : Over 260 unemployed in building trades in Dundee

Marlyn Glen : Nurses - Who's Looking After Them?

Laurie Bidwell : Teachers' Pensions

Richard McCready - West End needs Clarity over Residents Parking Scheme


August 2011

Jim McGovern condemns Royal Mail decision to close Crichton Street office

Marlyn Glen : Scottish Studies - No place to be playing time added on at Bannockburn

Laurie Bidwell : The Reads and the Read Nots - Implications for Dundee?

Jim McGovern calls on government to do more to tackle unemployment in Dundee

Jim McGovern welcomes new creative industry funding for Dundee universities

Marlyn Glen : Inequality and the Gini Coefficient

Kevin Keenan  : Dundee unemployment levels - majority of areas in the city are above the Scottish average

Jim McGovern welcomes Dundee Computer Games Festival

Richard McCready : Scotland should play international matches in Dundee

Marlyn Glen : The abolition of maternity leave and "blue skies thinking"

Jenny Marra : "Worrying Time" for Community as Dundee GP is forced to close

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on Dundee SQA exam results



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