Whitfield Regeneration -  An Excellent Choice for Housing

Brian Gordon

9 February 2014

Dundee City Council are holding a consultation on a draft site planning brief for the redevelopment of Haddington East, to the north of the Crescent Building.

The brief will set out guidelines for the redevelopment of the site which is bound by Haddington Avenue to the west and by Dunbar Park to the east.

The area involved is north of the New Life Services Building and opposite Ballumbie Primary School .

I believe that the location would be an excellent choice for housing.

The countryside is just few minutes away while the city centre area is a journey of quarter of an hour , so this makes Whitfield an ideal site for new houses to be located in.

I want to see Whitfield’s population increase, and to benefit from a mix of both social and privately–rented housing.

Every area of Whitfield is part of the regeneration , and with the current upturn on housing, I’m sure that more people will consider Whitfield.

The area is now very different from what it was in the past.


Draft Site Planning Brief

Haddington East, Whitfield

Download the brief

Comments may be submitted by email to

alternatively in writing to :
Planning Briefs Consultation,
Development Plans and Regeneration Team,
City Development Department,
Dundee House,
North Lindsay Street,
DD1 1LS.

Please allow sufficient time for written comments to reach us, comments received after 28 February may not be considered.
End date : Friday, February 28, 2014