Out-of-Work Figures  : "North East Ward deserves better"

14 August 2013

Councillor Brian Gordon comments on the latest out of work figures for the North East ward

The latest unemployment figures ( those in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance ) for areas within the North East ward (July 2013 ) from the Office of national Statistics are :

 Claverhouse 144   4.5 per cent

 Longhaugh   305    8.2 per cent

 Whitfield     154   6.5 per cent

 Brian said,

"The situation in the ward is made worse by the fact that the percentage of those out of work in  both Whitfield and Fintry  are above the Dundee average.

"The Mill o’ Mains figure , which is  included in the Claverhouse figure, is almost certain to be the same.

 "To make matters even worse, the Dundee average is above the Scottish average.

"With all the regeneration going on in the North East i.e. £9m Housing Development for Mill O Mains and £7m Shopping and Health Centre for Whitfield the unemployment figures in this area should potentially be down by using local labour.

"For those in work in the ward, incomes are failing to keep up with inflation, and the cost of living is rising.

"Instead of urgent action to address these problems, the response of the UK  Government has been to continue with even more cuts in spending .

"The response of the SNP Government has been to show that they are more interested in the Referendum campaign than anything else.

"Residents in the North East ward deserve better from both of them.


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