Housing Convener should consider his position  

Brian Gordon

17 April 2014

Elderly people deserve only the best standards of care in the sheltered housing warden service.

This is why I am deeply concerned at the revelations in the report compiled by the Care Inspectorate and which found its way into the “Courier”.

The local press has indicated that  the level of care and support , staffing and management and leadership of the service has been declared to be  “weak”, the second lowest possible grading. .

Housing Convenor John Alexander promised last year to take action to change things for the better and that that there would be improvements to the service

However, the leaked report indicates the opposite, that things are getting worse.

It is clear that the SNP administration are unable to get a grip on this situation which will affect the confidence of the tenants who rely upon this service, and their relatives.

This shocking report is showing that the provision of service has fallen short of the levels of care expected, and I therefore call on Councillor Alexander to consider his position.


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