Brian Gordon comments on North East Ward Unemployment Figures

18 July 2013

 Brian Gordon, Councillor for the North East Ward, has commented on the latest unemployment figures for areas within the North East ward as measured by the claimant count for Job Seekers Allowance.

The figures for last month are :

 Whitfield  158  6.6 per cent 

Longhaugh 299 8.1 per cent

Claverhouse 153 4.8 per cent

 Brian said,

“The policies that have made my constituents unemployed have failed.

 “They had already been tried out across Britain in the Depression during the 1930s and they failed then.

 “It makes no sense at all to continue with policies that are not working.

 "Action is needed to get the economy really moving forward to bring  secure employment to our unemployed that will make a real difference to them and to the area. “

 Source of the figures : Office of National Statistics





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