Next year's Referendum  

 Brian Gordon

18 September 2013

In a year’s time on this day, people in the North East ward that I represent will have the opportunity to decide whether or not they want Scotland to be an independent country.

When people come to my surgeries, when I meet them in the street, or when I go to visit them about matters  that are important to them, one thing that they do not talk about is whether or not Scotland should be an independent country.

That’s Alex Salmond’s number one issue, but it’s not theirs.

Labour are right to say that Alex Salmond has put Scotland “ on pause” till after the referendum.

People are far more concerned with issues closer to home like a place at college or a job for their teenage sons and daughters who deserve a fair chance in life.

They are more concerned about the unfair cuts in council services and heating  bills that have rocketed.

These are some of the reasons why the “No” campaign against independence are ahead in the polls just now. 

People quite rightly aren’t satisfied with the answers they get to the questions they ask the SNP about independence, and they don’t accept that everything will be fine and dandy in an independent Scotland just because Alex Salmond says so.

Pensioners are being kept in the dark by the SNP about how their pensions will be paid for in an independent Scotland, but in the UK we can pool our resources and so spread the cost of paying for pensions .

There are nearly 1 million present pensioners and others near pension age in Scotland, and they will think twice about independence because of all of this uncertainty. 

For all of these reasons that’s why I believe that  we’re better together .

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