Fears for Sheltered Housing Warden Service  

19 April 2013

Brian Gordon, Labour’s spokesperson on Housing on Dundee City Council is seeking a meeting with Housing officials regarding his concerns for the Warden Service which “tenants and their families fear is bursting at the seams”.

He has written to both the Director and the Convenor of Housing saying ,

“We are advised that a Review of the Sheltered Housing Warden service has been in progress over the last two yesrs.  

“We were also advised in December 2012 that this Review would be completed by the end of January 2013 and we would be informed of the results.

“It is now the middle of April and my colleagues and I Labour Group have to field questions from tenants and their families across the city who fear that the service is bursting at the seams due to jobs not being permanently filled.  

“ We are told by tenants and their relatives of events at some sheltered housing complexes are being cancelled due to staff shortages.  

“We are also being told that staff are working excessive overtime to cover for colleagues who are on sick leave and that sickness rates within the service at one time were reaching 9% with many being long term.

“Can you reassure tenants and their relatives/carers that an end is in sight to these anomalies that threaten this otherwise excellent service?

“I look forward to a meeting in the near future regarding a positive way forward for our warden service.”


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