The Energy Price Freeze Promise  

Brian Gordon

22 October 2013

Ed Miliband’s statement that Labour will freeze gas and electricity prices has strong support from the public who believe that household budgets should be eased particularly when these big energy companies have made billions of pounds of profit.  

We can’t expect David Cameron to see this because he’s on the side of the wealthy, the millionaires he gave a big tax cut to earlier this year. 

Ed Miliband’s 20 month price freeze will provide the time that will be needed to change the regulation of the energy market so that we as consumers can all get a better price deal out of it.

There is not much price competition between these big energy companies as we have seen in recent weeks.

In fact it’s been quite the opposite.

First it was SSE with a huge 8 per cent increase.

Then it was British Gas with a 9 per cent rise, and after that Npower puts up its prices by 10 per cent.

The current round of increases by the power companies appear to be a race to see who can increase prices the most.

Is it any wonder that people constantly worry about gas and electricity bills?

Labour intends to make the energy market work in the interests of working people and put a stop to them paying too much as they have done  under this Tory Government.  


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