Policing Plan for the North East ward

Brian Gordon

22 July 2013

Police Scotland’s  Policing Plan for the North East ward deals with the main issues that the communities in the ward have identified as their main priorities 

These are :  

Drug and Alcohol Abuse  Anti-Social Behaviour  

Housebreaking and other Theft 

Road Safety

In the Policing Plan, Police Scotland have indicated what steps they have taken in the past to tackle these issues, and how they now intend to address them.

I believe that by doing this, by addressing the issues that the residents in the ward regard as of the highest importance, then this ensures the most effective use of police resources in the ward.

Consultation with the communities on reducing crimes that affect daily life in the ward are at the heart of making our communities safer.


Download the Police Plan for the North East ward. 


 For further information , see the sections - “ Action Carried Out to Date” and “In the Coming Months” -  in the plan.



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