Labour will continue to stand up for education in Dundee against the SNP’s broken promises and unwise cuts.




January 2015


Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on the Strength of Opposition to the Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School


Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on Free School Meals Provision for P1-3 Pupils in Dundee Schools


Laurie Bidwell : Plea for More Clarity  in Council's Consultation on School Closures Mergers and Changes to Catchment Areas


Laurie Bidwell : Better Budget Management by SNP Government Ministers Could Have Avoided Cuts in Schools Last Year


December 2014

Laurie Bidwell : Dundee Named the First UK City of Design by UNESCO

Laurie Bidwell : The Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School : Speech at Education Committee


November 2014


Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on the Proposed Closure of Menzieshill High School


Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of supply teachers in Dundee


Laurie Bidwell : Health and Safety of Dundee School Buildings

Jenny Marra MSP : Developing Skills for Scotland's Digital Economy

March 2014

Kevin Keenan : El Sistema

Laurie Bidwell : Visiting Harris Academy for a photo opportunity - Commenting on Ministerial Visit to New Harris Academy Building Site

Laurie Bidwell : Increase in Reserved Places in Ferry Schools for 2014-15


Jenny Marra : Early Years Practitioners : It's wrong to offset cuts in this way


Laurie Bidwell : Labour Budget Proposal Can Retain the Early Years Practitioners Based in 22 of Our Primary Schools

Laurie Bidwell : Grove Academy Prominent in Sunday Times Top 50 State Secondary Schools in Scotland


Revealed : The 22 Dundee Schools Which Will Lose their Early Years Practitioners in Proposed Budget Cuts

The Proposed Loss of Early Years Practitioners from 22 Primary Schools in Dundee  


Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's Proposed Further Cuts in Dundee Primary Schools  



Laurie Bidwell  : Primary Class Size Failure - SNP can't be trusted on their education pledges


Laurie Bidwell : International Literacy Day


Laurie Bidwell : Consultation with Parents and Carers on the Future of Early Learning and Childcare in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Proposed Change to Pay of Short Term Supply Teachers is Not Comprehensive Enough

Laurie Bidwell : Centenary of the Opening Of Eastern Primary School

Laurie Bidwell : Colleges of Further Education have been on the receiving end of particularly harsh and unrelenting cuts, year after year.

Laurie Bidwell :Call for Building Work at Barnhill Primary School to be Complete Before Pupils Return Next Week

Laurie Bidwell  : Planned Merger of Dundee and Angus Colleges Can't Distract from SNP Cuts in Further Education


Laurie Bidwell : Worrying Claims Higher Maths Exam Was Dumbed Down

Laurie Bidwell  : Planned Merger of Dundee and Angus Colleges Can't Distract from SNP Cuts in Further Education


Laurie Bidwell : Worrying Claims Higher Maths Exam Was Dumbed Down


Laurie Bidwell, Lesley Brennan : Percentage of graduates in local workforce rises

Richard McCready : Official Opening of West End Schools

Laurie Bidwell : Early Years Collaborative Workshop Was Thought-Provoking

Laurie Bidwell : Consultation on the Proposals for the Merger of Dundee and Angus Further Education Colleges

Marlyn Glen : The Lack of Women and the annual £170 million loss to the Scottish economy

Laurie Bidwell and Lesley Brennan : Flatlining EMAs and Reductions in College Budgets Bad News for Our Young People

Laurie Bidwell : New Schools Consultation : Have Your Say

Laurie Bidwell : Education Department Got Their Sums Wrong

Laurie Bidwell : Little Change in  Numbers of University Applicants from Scotland 

Laurie Bidwell : Grove, Harris, Morgan, Menzieshill and St John's will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 from August

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's broken promises on primary class sizes in Dundee

Laurie Bidwell : Call for Clarity About Which Secondary Schools Will Have Larger English and Maths Classes in S1/2 

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Education Cuts in Dundee Reveal Shocking Abandonment of Class Size Reductions in Primary and Secondary Schools

Jenny Marra is backing student campaign to reverse college cuts

Laurie Bidwell : Grove, Harris, Morgan, Menzieshill and St John's will have larger classes in English and Maths in S1-S2 from August

Laurie Bidwell : The SNP's broken promises on primary class sizes in Dundee

Laurie BIdwell : Call for Clarity over Class Sizes in S1/S2 Maths and English

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Education Cuts in Dundee Reveal Shocking Abandonment of Class Size Reductions in Primary and Secondary Schools



Marlyn Glen : Counting the Cost of the lack of Affordable Childcare

Laurie Bidwell : 10.5 per cent Fall in University Applications from Scottish Applicants

Laurie Bidwell : SNP Councillors Halved the Representation of Parents in the Planning of New City Schools

Kevin Keenan : The cuts are too deep and this must be addressed

Laurie Bidwell : Commenting on £18 million Cuts in Council Budget Over the Next 2 Years

Kevin Keenan and Laurie Bidwell : What Next for Sidlaw View Primary School and Jessie Porter Nursery School?

Laurie Bidwell : No Extra cash for School Building in Dundee in 2013-14

Laurie Bidwell : Shortage of Places at Dundee College

Laurie Bidwell : Celebrating Dundee's exam success 07/08/2012

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns About Continuing Access to UK Research Council Grants for City's Universities 30/07/2012

Laurie Bidwell : Graduate Unemployment Figures Very Disappointing  27/072012

Laurie Bidwell and Kevin Keenan : Cautious Welcome for new proposals for New Schools and Community Facilities 19/06/2012

Marlyn Glen : Work-related stress is a major social problem 25/05/2012

Laurie Bidwell : Curriculum for Excellence : Convener and Director of Education Plough on Regardless 30 March 2012

Richard McCready : A listening council - they don't even listen to their own ministers 28 March 2012

Laurie Bidwell - Curriculum for Excellence in Dundee Must Provide Best Options for Our Secondary School Pupils 26 March 2012

The 10,000 Women and 600 hours of free nursery education 19 March 2012

Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Gender Equality 22/02/2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Concern at Supply Teachers Pay Cut as Places Go Unfilled 21/02/2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Introduction of the New Secondary School Exams - Call for Clarity in Dundee 21/02/2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Scottish Government and Dundee City Council Out of Step on Exercise 21/02/2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Speeches in debates on Council Spending and Capital Plan 9/02/2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Curriculum for Excellence in Dundee - Urgent Local and National Changes Required 8/02/2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Should we Delay the Introduction of the New National Exams in Dundee Secondary Schools 5/02/2012 ?

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Labour's Alternative Budget Proposals for Dundee 2/02/2012

Councillor Laurie Bidwell : Welcome for increased number of applicants for Dundee and Abertay degree courses 30/01/2012

Laurie Bidwell : Key Decisions taken at Education Committee 30/01/2012

Laurie Bidwell : Well-Qualified Population a Positive Indicator for Dundee in Agenda for Cities Report 24/01/2012

Laurie Bidwell : 32 Period Week Proposal to be Withdrawn but Parents Still Require Urgent Answers 16/01/2012

Laurie Bidwell : The Next Round of Education Cuts in Dundee 14/01/2012

Jenny Marra MSP : Educational Attainment of Looked-After Children - speech 11/01/2012

Laurie Bidwell :Unexplained Absences in our Schools Need Explanation and Action 31/12/2011

Laurie Bidwell : Cuts in Dundee College Budget 15/12/2011

Laurie Bidwell : Disappointing Review of School Estate in Dundee leaves Many Questions 15/12/2011

Laurie Bidwell : Teacher numbers tumble again in Dundee 8/12/2011

Jenny Marra MSP Supports Dundee Students at Education Rally 6/12/2011

Laurie Bidwell : Concerns over method and starting date for refurbishment of Harris Academy 1/12/2011

Laurie Bidwell : Council Avoid Answering my Questions on Teacher Numbers in Dundee 16/11/2011

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee - SNP Education Convener Challenged to Answer Questions 8/11/2011

Laurie Bidwell : 99 Fewer Teachers in Dundee 7/11/2011

Councillor Laurie Bidwell asks, "How Sustainable is Dundee's new Education Department Structure ? 15/09/2011

Laurie Bidwell : Teachers' Pensions 1/09/2011


The links to articles below relate to the period when Marlyn Glen was an MSP in the period up to March 2011. She is no longer an MSP

SNP Councillors vote down £379,000 for Dundee Schools they had cut by £4.1 million 14/02/2011

Budget Cuts in Education : Councillor Fordyce not for Turning 8/02/2011

Budget Options for our Schools should be Scrutinised by the Education Committee 3/02/2011

Teaching posts in Dundee : Funding is the equivalent of employing 16 of Dundee's 74 probationer teachers  02/02/2011

Still Time for a Rethink on Budget Cuts in Education? 2/02/2011

Barnhill Primary School Oversubscribed 31/01/2011

SNP cuts will Undermine Improvements to Schooling in the City 24/01/2011

The Effect of Reduced Teacher Numbers on Children's Education in Dundee 21/01/2011

Teacher Reductions in Dundee Primary Schools 12/01/2011

Education Maintenance Allowances applications plunge by almost 40 per cent in Dundee and College Bursaries face 2 per cent cuts 22/12/2010

SNP's Education Convener Should Explain her Education Cuts to Parents 20/12/2011

Will SNP's £4.5 million Education Cuts make the city's education service better? 16/12/2011

Dundee teacher staffing : No "realistic or accurate figures" available at present 15/12/2010

Teacher numbers : Almost 1 out of every 10 secondary teachers in Dundee gone 14/12/2010

Disastrous Double Whammy of Cuts in Education in Dundee 14/12/2011

Learning Teaching Scotland - Education Inspectorate merger " camouflage for cuts" concern  8/12/2010

Sharp Reduction in Posts for Post-Probationary teachers 8/12/2010

Eastern Primary School Relocation - Decision Time 22/11/2010

Half Measures Won't Do for Eastern Primary School Move 22/11/2010

Education expenditure increase in Dundee under Labour 13/11/2010

Violent Acts against Dundee School Staff 27/10/2010

Education amalgamation : Plea for no job losses in Dundee 20/10/2010

New class size of 25 in Primary 1 : Maximum can still be exceeded 01/10/2010

Class Size Reduction in Primary Schools - Another SNP Broken Promise on Education 23/09/2010

Big Changes Ahead for Dundee Teachers and Schools - How Will These Help To Deliver Enhanced Pupil Attainment? 20/09/2011

SNP forced to back down on class sizes claim 16/09/2010

Primary class sizes : "Scottish Government is failing schools, parents and teachers across Dundee 10/09/2010

SNP responsible for misery of young teachers unable to find work 3/09/2010

No permanent posts in Dundee for over 60 per cent of probationary teachers 24/08/2010

Harris Academy refurbishment takes back seat for £1.4 million "East Central Territory Hub" 28/06/2010

SNP Primary School Class Size in Dundee - Limited Ambitions & Difficulties Ahead 14/06/2010

MSP raises £1.4 million cost for hub to oversee Harris Academy refurbishment 26/05/2010

2-year Delay in Harris Academy Rebuild - Labour Offers Support to Speed Up Process  5/05/2010

Last Minute Measures Confirm Secondary Schools not Ready for Curriculum for Excellence 30/04/2010

Harris Academy Rebuilding To Be Procured by Hub 27/04/2010

No guarantee that new composite classes will not be formed in Dundee primary schools 29/03/2010

Let's talk about "Education" at The Education Committee 23/03/2010

No Smaller Class Sizes for Broughty Ferry Primary Schools 17/02/2010

Education Cuts in Dundee Revealed 10/02/2010

40 per cent cut in teacher training places as over 250 Dundee primary school teachers set to retire over the next decade 09/02/2010

Education Committee Denied Report On School Building Programme 4/02/2010

Opening of Fintry Primary School - Questions for Minister 27/01/2010

MSP queries Scottish Government on free fruit pledge : 6,600 schoolchildren in Dundee still don't receive it 14/01/2010

Dundee's participation in new Baccalaureate exam 06/01/2010

Education Cuts & Commitments in Dundee Must Be Declared to Early Meeting of Education Committee 13/12/2009

Harris Academy  : Government should pay for rise in council share  09/12/2009

What Next After PPP Primary Schools in Dundee? 01/12/2009

School education control must remain local 30/11/2009

Dundee Misses Out on Scottish Government Cash for New Primary Schools 26/11/09

Review of Class Sizes Provides Figleaf for Education Secretary 13/11/2009

Harris Academy refurbishment : MSP raises Scottish Futures Trust £120,000 spent on consultants 20/10/2009

Only 1 class in Broughty Ferry primaries at target level , says MSP 03/10/2009

Refurbishment of Harris Academy - Some Lingering Concerns 01/10/2009

Harris refurbishment cost and timetable questioned 02/10/2009

Harris Academy Funding - Too Early for Labour led Campaign to Stand Down 28/09/2009

SNP primary school class sizes policy "in shreds" 17/09/2009

61 applications for 3 teaching posts  : "Responsibility rests upon Scottish Government" 30/07/2009

Funding for Dundee Baccalaureate exams : Scottish Government "must do better" says MSP 22/07/2009

Harris Academy Should be Number One School Building Priority in Dundee 24/06/2009

New school exam : Dundee MSP urges Government for "sufficient finance and resources for city’s participation" 17/06/2009

Dundee class sizes and number of teachers : No response from SNP Government  29/04/2009

No commitment to provide more money or teachers for Dundee, MSP is told by Minister 21/04/2009

MSP raises Broughty Ferry Primary Class Sizes with Education Secretary 17/04/2009

Dundee University post-graduate teacher training numbers set to be cut 16 April 2009

Dundee primary class sizes : "Great gulf between the reality of the classroom and the hollowness of SNP promises " 10/04/2009

Dundee primary class sizes : "urgent need for more teachers," says MSP 25 February 2009

Free School meals and Breakfast Clubs - still no extra money, says MSP 15/01/2009

MSP calls for more teachers to stem Dundee’s "brain drain" 07 January 2009

MSP calls for "unenviable choice" on school meals to be set aside 1 December 2008

No extra cash for more teachers in Dundee, says SNP Government 25 November 2008

SNP Unfunded free school meals proposals will cost council " thousands of pounds a week extra" 10 November 2008

Call on SNP Government for more funds to employ more primary teachers in Dundee 28 October 2008

Dundee class sizes : MSP’s plea to Education Minister15 July 2008

Promise of unknown cost, says MSP  2 May 2008

Vulnerable children nursery scheme : “Scottish Government’s duty to fund Dundee project,” says MSP 13/03/2008

SNP promise of free all-year round access to city swimming pools for children dropped, says MSP. 1 March 2008

"Clear Proof that SNP have abandoned have pledge to class size reduction in Dundee," says Marlyn Glen  15 November 2007

MSP asks why is Dundee omitted from free school meals scheme 14 July 2007