George McIrvine : Police Custody and Security Officers are fully authorised to take fingerprints and DNA samples - UNISON

25 May 2013

The union that represents police staff said today that any problems in Tayside around fingerprint and DNA samples are a local issue.

George McIrvine, Unison police staff Scotland branch secretary, said:

“There appears to be a local problem in Tayside around authorisation and training.

"While this needs to be resolved urgently, there is no issue about properly qualified and certified Police Custody and Security Officers  taking these samples.

“That is a normal part of their job, carried out across Scotland on a daily basis and that will continue to be the case.”

Dave Watson, Head of Bargaining and Campaigns, said:

“Our members do a first class job working as PCSOs.

"The legal situation giving them the powers to take physical data is clear and is not affected by a local issue in Tayside.

“However, the Bill establishing the new single police service could have been improved, as we argued at the time.

"We suggested that the Chief Constable should have broader powers to authorise suitably qualified and trained police civilian staff to undertake a wider range of duties.

“Some people may currently be wishing that that advice had been taken.”

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