Ed Miliband's Energy Plan

22 October 2013

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband has made everyone aware that he intends to deal with gas and electricity prices that just keep on rising by introducing a price freeze that will last for 20 months.

People in Britain are sick and tired of prices that keep going up while the Big Six energy companies' profits soar.

We want price controls to be imposed on these Big Six  companies so that customers can get the benefit of lower prices.

We are not persuaded by these companies saying that the price freeze is “unworkable”.

We don’t believe either that the freeze and the shake-up that the energy market needs will lead to power black outs.

Ed Miliband is taking the side of families, pensioners and businesses against these companies which enjoyed billions of pounds of profit together last year.

Britain deserves better, we can do better and this is only the start.


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