Call for new schools for the Hilltown area

Helen Wright and Mohammed Asif

23 January 2012

Bailie Helen Wright and Councillor Mohammed Asif, Labour councillors for Coldside Ward, have called for new schools for the Hilltown area.

In a statement they say,

"We believe that the Council should set an ambitious capital plan that would bring jobs to the city and boost the local economy.

"We therefore consider this to be the appropriate time to call for new schools in the Hilltown area, to replace Rosebank Primary and Our Lady's Primary, and which are fit for the 21st century.

"The recent report on the Review of School Estates provides the evidence required for this and we have written to David Dorward, Chief Executive highlighting this need.

"If there isn't the funds to deliver these new schools serious consideration must be given to extensively refurbishing the existing buildings.

"The new schools would be our preferred option as this will allow the Council to also put thought into providing a new integrated community facility to replace the demolished Highwayman.

"We have met with many constituents who have been asking when they are going to get a new community centre.

"The development of community schools would act as hubs for the residents in the area and be at the centre of the Hilltown area's regeneration."


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