SNP Hypocrisy Over Private Hospitals        

1 April 2015

Scottish Labour has accused the SNP Government in Edinburgh of hypocrisy over its reliance on private hospitals.

On Saturday, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told her conference she will order her MPs to vote to "halt the tide of NHS privatisation in England".

But her Health Secretary Shona Robison was forced to accept in the Scottish Parliament that four times as many patients in Scotland are being treated in private hospitals than a decade ago.

Scottish Labour’s Health Spokesperson Jenny Marra told the Scottish Government to stop grandstanding and give our NHS the resources needed to meet its targets.

She said:

On Saturday, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was grandstanding about the NHS and insisted she would order her MPs to vote against privatisation in England.

“Meanwhile, use of private hospitals here in Scotland has rocketed under her government. Four times as many patients are being treated privately than a decade ago.

“The SNP has failed to resource our NHS adequately to meet its targets and has had to rely on private hospitals to ensure patients get treated on time.

“In 2011, Alex Salmond boasted that he had eradicated the private sector from the NHS when the reality was private hospital use was on the rise in Scotland’s NHS. It seems his successor Nicola Sturgeon is equally high on rhetoric and short on action.

“It’s time the SNP stopped this hypocrisy and were straight with the people of Scotland about the use of private hospitals in the NHS and how much extra this is costing.”


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