Jenny Marra : " Cancer waiting times are totally unacceptable for too many people.  "          

Scottish Labour – “We need emergency strategy on cancer waiting times”

16 December 2014


Scottish Labour has today called for swift action and the publication of an emergency strategy before Christmas on how cancer waiting times can be met.

This follows the release of statistics which show that eight of Scotland’s 14 Health Boards have failed to meet the 62-day cancer waiting time standard. 

 Scottish Labour’s Shadow Health Spokesperson, Jenny Marra MSP, said: 

“Cancer waiting times are totally unacceptable for too many people.

“More than half of Scotland’s Health Boards are failing to meet targets, causing untold suffering to patients across Scotland who are waiting for a referral. 

“The Scottish Government will say that these statistics show improvement, but that isn’t an acceptable answer.

"Patients awaiting cancer treatment expect better than this. 

“Shona Robison needs to publish an action plan before Christmas on how the health service is going to meet the Health Secretary’s own targets on cancer waiting times.

"People deserve this swift action from this Health Secretary and their Government.”





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