V&A Dundee  

17 January 2015

The V&A at Dundee is a high profile prestigious project reflecting Dundee's status as a creative capital in the UK.

People will be shocked that the costs have nearly doubled and have been allowed to do so.

Dundee deserves its national design institution and I look forward to work starting this year. 

The Scottish Government need to recognise the national importance of this project and use some of their £444m underspend to meet the additional £40m cost.

Other cities in Scotland have national art galleries paid for centrally by Edinburgh.

The SNP have let costs on this project rise, so they should step up and meet the additional costs they have incurred.

Dundee deserves no less.

We also need to know who knew what and when about the inflated costs.

The Scottish Government should lead an enquiry into the management of costs on this project.




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