Patients Will Welcome Changes But NHS Crisis Persists        

20 January 2015


Responding to the Scottish Government’s announcement on delayed discharges today, Scottish Labour’s Health spokesperson, Jenny Marra MSP, said:


“Patients and families will be pleased that the Scottish Government has eventually decided to put money into letting patients home and unblocking beds.


“The SNP have had this money since November.


“All through the A&E crisis over Christmas they have known that one of the solutions is unblocking beds in hospitals, but it has taken until now to release this cash.


“Over 400 patients died last year after the doctor had told them they were fit to go home but were waiting on a hospital bed.


“Shona Robison has said that Delayed Discharge is her biggest priority so why did she wait so long to put this investment in?


“Aside from the human cost to staying in hospital a lot longer than necessary, each night a patient spends in hospital costs money so it makes sense to invest quickly to get people home.


“Shona Robison is running to catch up with the problems in the health service that she must have been warned about from day one in her post.


“She cannot afford to play catch-up with our health service.


“It needs meticulous care and planning on her part with the health boards and local authorities to get this right for patients and families in Scotland.”




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