A&E Waiting Times: SNP miss target for 284 weeks in a row  

24 March 2015

The publication of today’s waiting time performance statistics has confirmed that the SNP government has missed its target of 98% of patients seen within four hours for the 284th week in a row.

Commenting on the A&E performance statistics published today, Scottish Labour Health Spokesperson, Jenny Marra said :

“We have a target in Scotland of ensuring 98% of A&E patients are seen within four hours because we recognise that every patient deserves to be seen within a reasonable amount of time and the sooner they get treatment, the quicker their recovery is likely to be.

“It is unacceptable that for 284 weeks in a row, the SNP Government in Edinburgh has missed this target.

"Every week is a promise to patients broken.

“Only this week we heard of an 85-year-old man who spent 17 hours on a trolley in a hospital corridor.

"Another 19 patients spent more than 12 hours in our A&E this week.

“The lack of resources in our NHS has left us with nothing short of a full blown crisis in our A&E departments and the SNP has no national plan to put things right.

Labour has a better plan for our NHS.

"We’ll use the revenues from a tax on properties worth over £2 million as well as closing tax loopholes to deliver £1 billion of extra investment in our NHS over the next parliament, giving our doctors and nurses the resources they need and patients the treatment they deserve.”

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