Jenny Marra : No Title to Property - motion tabled by Jenny in the Scottish Parliament

3 April 2014

No Title to Property

The text of Jenny's motion reads :

That the Parliament is concerned at what it considers a lack of protection for housebuyers in securing titles to their property; notes the cases that have been reported in The Herald of people in North East Scotland, Lothian and across the country who are unable to sell their property because they never secured the title to it in the original conveyance; understands that the only recourse in cases like these is the Law Society of Scotland's Master Policy but believes that there is a lack of transparency in the purpose, pay-outs and operation of the policy; is concerned that there appears to be no remedy in Scots law in such cases; considers that long-running disputes in which the title has not been secured are unjust and can cause distress, financial burdens and ill-health, and notes the view that solicitors should have a legal obligation to secure title for their clients.


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