Jenny Marra MSP :  Amendment to the Scottish Parliament motion " Hidden in Plain Sight"

7 November 2013

Jenny Marra has proposed the following amendment to the motion “ Hidden in Plain Sight” in the name of Christina McKelvie in the Scottish Parliament :

" leave out from "in combatting trafficking" to end and insert "and devolved administrations in combatting trafficking in human beings since the publication of the Anti-Trafficking Monitoring Group‘s first report, Wrong Kind of Victim?; notes the report’s eight recommendations for Scotland, covering the Scottish Parliament’s responsibility to tackle human trafficking through devolved powers for criminal law, the police, the judicial system, healthcare and the services that are provided to victims; notes in particular the recommendation for a Scottish national referral mechanism; welcomes what it considers the report’s recognition that the proposed Human Trafficking (Scotland) Bill represents progress toward realising this important recommendation, and hopes that both the UK and Scottish governments will take note of all of the recommendations in the report."


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