Jenny Marra  : Tay Tax is a Disgrace

Following the news that it is now cheaper for a group of four people to get a taxi to Glasgow from Dundee rather than take the train, Jenny  Marra has again challenged the Scottish Government to urgently rectify the situation of the “Tay Tax”.

Dundee is not currently featured in the 'regulated zone' which benefits commuters

As the City falls outwith this area, train operators are free to set their own ticket prices, leading to the anomalies.

Jenny Marra said:


“Rail fares in and out of Dundee are a disgrace.

“They jump up as soon as you pass Perth and Kirkcaldy.

“ It’s the Tay Tax.

“It’s not fair that Dundee falls outside the subsidised zone. Dundee should get its fair share of the national rail subsidy.

 “The SNP said they would sort out Dundee fares during this franchise.

“Nicola Sturgeon needs to fix this soon.

 “It costs a group of four over £200 to visit Dundee from Glasgow.

“They’d be cheaper in a taxi.

“The Scottish Government needs to sort this out long before the new V&A opens.

“If we are to attract visitors and business to the city then Dundee needs its fair share of the national rail subsidy.

 “The Scottish Government subsidies the railways by £1million every day in Scotland.

“It’s high time that Dundee got its fair share of this subsidy.”


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