Jenny Marra  : Legal fight to save Kemback Street centre moves closer to victory

 9 April 2013

Jenny Marra with George Stewart of Kemback Street Action Group

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The campaign to save Kemback Adult Resource Centre in Dundee has come one step closer to victory after the Council has been forced to carry out a full and proper consultation on its plans to close the centre.

Thompsons Solicitors, acting on behalf of the Kemback Street Action Group, has now received a signed Minute of Undertaking from Dundee City Council meaning that failure to carry out the consultation in line with its public sector equality duty would result in contempt of court.

The council is now bound by law to adhere to the obligations outlined in the undertaking and the centre will remain open and fully functional in the interim. 

Thompsons Solicitor Sarah Smith said,

“The signed minute of undertaking is an incredibly strong weapon for the campaigners fighting the closure of the Kemback Street Centre.

"The Council has previously shown complete disregard for its obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and this will ensure that if they try to dodge their obligations again we can bring the full weight of contempt of court proceedings down on them as well as re-opening the judicial review proceedings.”

Chairman of the Kemback Street Action Group George Stewart added,

“Council officials’ attitudes in recent weeks have been staggering to say the least.

"Not only have they shown a total lack of compassion for the people who rely on the centre they have also acted as if they believe themselves to be above the law.

"This latest development shows they are absolutely not above the law and that they are obliged to carry out the right and proper procedures.

“We are delighted that we are now in such a strong position to fight them on their decision to close Kemback Street.”

Labour MSP Jenny Marra has been campaigning alongside the families affected by the closure.

 She said,

“It is disgraceful that it has taken legal action to ensure that Dundee City Council takes its responsibilities seriously.

"Its handling of the Kemback Street centre closure has deteriorated into a complete shambles.

"It has taken court action to force the SNP Council to listen – that is the worst part of this.

"But now we have this minute of undertaking the court will be following the Council every step of the way to make sure they respect and listen to the Kemback Street families.”


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