Jenny Marra   : 200 Life Sciences Jobs is " fantastic news for University and Dundee"

10 July 2012


Commenting on the announcement that the Life Sciences Centre at Dundee has attracted 200 new jobs to the city, Jenny Marra MSP said,

“This is fantastic news for the University and for Dundee

“The University has been at the forefront of bringing high quality jobs to our city for many years.

“Another 200 science jobs is a tremendous boost for the city and our economy. 

“It is also the highest endorsement of the groundbreaking research work that Wellcome-Wolfson have given a further £5 million for the expansion of our Citadel of Science.

“It is exciting to know that potential cures and drugs for some of the worst diseases in Africa and for cancer are being developed on the Hawkhill.

“Now the scientists will be able to turn their research into new medicines with this investment.

 “I think the City is very proud of our scientists and they incredible work that they do and will welcome and support the new expansion wholeheartedly.”


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