Jenny Marra Calls for Scrapping of Scottish Government Report that Suggests Scottish Computer Games Industry Does Not Exist

10 September  2012

Dundee-based MSP Jenny Marra has called for the scrapping of a Scottish Government report that documents the gross value added (GVA) of the Scottish computer games industry at zero.  

The report, which documents all GVA by Scotland’s creative sectors, rounds the computer games industry down to zero as it believes that the industry adds less than £10m to Scotland’s economy, and only employs 200 people – figures contested by more recent research done by games industry body TIGA (2).

Ms Marra has written to the Cabinet Secretary for Culture and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop to seek assurances that funding decisions will not be based on the misleading report, and that the industry has not already lost out on funding due to its perceived insignificance.

Speaking on the report, Ms Marra said,  

“This report is a clear snub by the Scottish Government to the computer games industry in Scotland. 

“It should be ripped up and started again.

“It grossly underestimates the value of our games sector. 

“The report is inaccurate and should be scrapped. 

“Figures released by games industry body TIGA show that the Scottish games industry adds £30m to the Treasury, and that over 600 people are employed in the Scottish games sector – this report says there only 200 games workers in Scotland.    

“ I have written to the Minister for Culture, Fiona Hyslop asking her to scrap the report. 

“ I want assurances that this gross underestimation of the games industry will not affect any Scottish Government funding. 

 “ She would be better to rip it up and start again.  

“ The industry requires the right amount of investment from the Scottish Government to keep it growing, but this can only come if the Scottish Government realise the value of the games industry to Scotland in their official assessments.”


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