Jenny Marra MSP : Enterprise Networks

11 September 2013


Commenting ahead of a debate on enterprise networks, Scottish Labour’s shadow deputy finance spokeswoman Jenny Marra said : 

“The state of the economy has changed quite considerably since the role of enterprise networks was last examined.

"We need to know that government support is meeting the needs of small, local businesses and start-up companies.

 “A review is a sensible pulse check on the public’s support for business.

"We need to know that we are spending money on the right things to fire badly needed growth into our economy."

Jenny Marra has lodged an amendment to the Scottish Government’s motion on enterprise networks for the debate on Wednesday 11th September :

 Scottish Government motion: Enterprise Networks —

That the Parliament notes the challenging economic conditions of recent years, the emerging signs of the global economic recovery and the vital role that Scotland’s enterprise agencies play in ensuring that its economy responds to these challenges and opportunities; supports the enterprise agencies in their role of delivering the Scottish Government’s purpose of sustainable economic growth, and recognises the importance of the account management and other direct support that they provide to businesses and key sectors across the country to help them grow, create employment, increase exports, boost innovation and help Scotland become more globally competitive.

As an amendment to Scottish Government motion  (Enterprise Networks), Jenny is proposing to amend it by inserting at the end :

“, and calls on the Scottish Government to conduct a review of the work and functions of enterprise agencies, including the work of Business Gateways in local authorities, and how they support and enhance its economic strategy and, given the current economic climate, how enterprise agencies are contributing toward sustainable economic growth".

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