Jenny Marra urges First Minster to support Amnesty International on case of Chen Guangcheng

12 December 2011

Following the First Minister’s recent visit to China where the issue of human rights was raised, Jenny Marra MSP has urged the First Minister to back Amnesty International’s campaign to release Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng and his family from house arrest.

In a letter to the First Minister today 12/12/11, Ms. Marra asks if the first Minister will use his diplomatic relations with the Chinese to highlight the case of Mr Guangcheng with the Chinese authorities.

Commenting on the issue, Ms Marra said,

"I am glad the First Minister decided to put human rights on the agenda in China.

"Today I have asked if he will prove his commitment to human rights by backing the campaign to release Chen Guangcheng."

Mr Guangcheng and his family have been put under house arrest for his brave campaigning against forced abortions and sterilisations.

"I hope the First Minister will back Amnesty’s campaign to release Mr Guangcheng and his family from house arrest, and raise the issue with the Chinese authorities at the next available opportunity.

"I believe this is an issue that unites the entire parliament."




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