Jenny Marra : Kemback Street families to get their day in Court

13 February 2013

Jenny Marra MSP has welcomed today’s news that the families of disabled adults who use the Kemback Street Day Care Centre in Dundee have been granted legal aid to take the Council’s decision to close Kemback Street to Judicial Review.

 Labour in Dundee has been supporting the Kemback Street families’ campaign to keep the day care centre open.

Having failed to persuade SNP Councillors who voted for the closure, the campaign turned to the law to save the day centre.

 Lawyers will petition the Court over the next few weeks asking the law to review Dundee City Council’s decision.

 Jenny Marra MSP reacted to today’s news saying,

 “The Kemback Street families will get their day in Court.

“The SNP voted to close Kemback Street but I am glad that the law is now giving the families the chance to overturn the decision, having been ignored by the SNP Council.

 “Dundee City Council is being taken to Court over Kemback Street simply because they have failed to listen.

“There are laws in this country which say that Councils must listen to the views of people who use their services.

“The SNP Council have failed in this duty and that is why they will find themselves up in Court over the next few weeks.

 “This is about respect for people in Dundee who use Council services.

“Respect for the disabled adults who want to stay in the Kemback Street Centre.

“Respect for the families who value the community that day care gives their loved ones.

“Respect for their right to be listened to.

 “The Kemback Street families have fought hard to be heard.

“The SNP ignored the voices of the Kemback Street families.

“I am glad that they will now be listened to in Court.”


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