Jenny Marra Calls for Dundee Tennis Court Upgrades

13 July 2012

Dundee-based MSP Jenny Marra has called on the city council to invest in the city’s tennis court facilities to encourage more kids to play tennis.

 Ms Marra toured all of Dundee’s six council owned tennis court facilities in a video blog that was later uploaded to YouTube, and found many of them to be unplayable due to their poor upkeep.

Many of the courts in Dundee were found to have torn nets, uneven surfaces and one even had broken glass on it.

 One local resident who posted on You Tube said:

 “I live at the back of Whitfield but I cycle to Wormit to get a game.

“That's how bad the courts are in Dundee.

“Shabby nets and fences are an annoyance but the two things that make most of the courts unplayable are the unevenness of the surface and the lack of space.

“It's hard to play a point at Baxter without getting a bad bounce but if you go to Balgay the surface is so undulating that every single shot surprises you and many have you swinging for air.”

 Speaking after her visit Ms Marra said:

 “Andy Murray inspired a nation on Sunday when he got to the Wimbledon final, and he has encouraged kids up and down the country to pick up their rackets and give tennis a go. 

 “However, the state of facilities here in Dundee make it difficult for them to play. 

“During my visit I saw uneven courts without proper lines, with torn nets and covered in glass.

“ This is off-putting to anyone in the city that wants to play tennis, and particularly for kids who are looking for something to do during the summer holidays.

“I am calling on Dundee City Council to approach tennis funding bodies for investment our facilities so that those who have been inspired by Andy Murray, and want to take up the game here in Dundee have every opportunity to do so.” 

Ms Marra’s calls on Twitter were replied to by professional tennis coach and mother of Andy Murray, Judy Murray, who said: 

“We need to invest in public courts across the Scotland.  New one’s in areas where there’s none, and upgrading others.” 

She added: “We also need to invest in activity on those public courts.  And that means developing more inspiring recreational coaches.” 

Ms Marra will be writing to Dundee City Council to ask for investment for the courts.


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