Jenny Marra  : Support for CWU campaign "Close The Loophole"


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 16 January 2013

Jenny Marra MSP has supported the CWU in their campaign to equalise pay between agency workers and permanent staff at companies like Manpower and BT.

At present, a loophole means that temporary agency workers can get paid less than permanent staff doing the same work.

Jenny said:

 “Workers suffering from this wage loophole are £60 a week worse off than the worker sitting beside them doing the same job.

“The loophole workers have no rights to sickness, holiday or maternity pay.

“The British Government needs to close the loophole in the law as soon as possible to so that workers in Dundee and across the UK cannot be exploited like this.”

Jenny also lodged the following motion in the Scottish Parliament: 

CWU's Close the Loophole Campaign

 Motion Text:

That the Parliament notes the Close the Loophole campaign by the Communications Workers Union; understands that the campaign aims to equalise pay between agency workers and permanent staff as this does not exist at present due to the use of Pay Between Assignment (PBA) contracts; supports the day of action on 16 January 2013, which it understands will bring together union members and activists across Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom to campaign for fair and equal pay, and encourages companies to review their use of PBAs so that agency workers get a fair deal.



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