Jenny Marra : Women paying the price for SNP job cuts

16 July 2014

Women make up more than 80 per cent of the increase in Scottish unemployment over the last quarter.


 While unemployment in the rest of the UK fell, it increased by 13,000 in Scotland, of which 11,000 were women. Female unemployment in the rest of the UK also fell.


 No progress was made in youth unemployment either.


The unemployment rate in Scotland is now 6.9 per cent, above the UK rate of 6.5 per cent.


Jenny Marra, Scottish Labour’s deputy finance spokesperson, said:


 “With the economy slowly growing, we see the rest of the UK benefitting from a drop in unemployment, particularly among women, but in Scotland we appear to be making slower progress.


 “It would seem that the choices being made by the SNP Government are disproportionately impacting on women who are more likely to be working in the public sector or relying on insecure jobs.



“While we welcome the increase in employment, the SNP can’t hide behind population growth and they need to face up to the decisions they are making which result in more women being out of work.


“Every one of these figures represents a family or a person having to deal with less money coming into the home and Scottish women will be asking why they are paying the price for the SNP’s decisions.


 “The SNP no longer have any hiding place – they have failed to protect Scottish women from unemployment at a time when it is improving in the rest of the UK and now they have run out of alibis and people to blame.”



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