Jenny Marra New Fire and Rescue Chief has Challenges Ahead

16 August 2012

Responding to the announcement of Alasdair Hay as the first Chief Officer of the single Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Scottish Labour's Jenny Marra MSP, said:

"I would like to congratulate Alasdair Hay on his appointment as the first Chief Officer of a single Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

"There are challenges ahead; to ensure that the new single service is ready in time for its launch and to ensure that Scots continue to receive an ever-improving service once the force is up and running next year.

"I know Mr Hay from Tayside Fire and Rescue and know him to be someone who is trusted, respected and gets the best out of his staff.

"I look forward to meeting with Mr Hay in due course to hear how the preparatory work is going and to understand what he sees as the biggest challenges facing the single service."

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