Jenny Marra : SNP must come clean on the Cost of Losing the Pound

18 February 2014

Scottish Labour has challenged the Scottish Government to come clean about the cost to Scottish businesses of losing the pound if we walk away from the UK.

The call comes after SNP Finance Minister John Swinney repeatedly failed to come clean on the impact on jobs and business in Scotland of losing the pound.

Speaking on last night’s Newsnight Scotland, Finance Secretary John Swinney refused six times to answer a direct question on what losing the pound would cost Scottish businesses.

When questioned in the Scottish Parliament today by Jenny Marra MSP, his colleague Nicola Sturgeon yet again avoided giving Scottish businesses a straight answer.

As a result of the SNP’s failure to come clean, Jenny Marra has submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Scottish Government asking for the publication of any assessment it has made on the issue.

Scottish Labour’s Deputy Finance spokesperson Jenny Marra MSP said:

“The SNP are keen to tell us how much independence would cost businesses in the rest of the UK, but have got nothing to say about companies here in Scotland.

“The Scottish Government has done the numbers, so they must know how much losing the Pound would cost businesses here in Scotland.

"Why won’t they tell us?

“On Newsnight Scotland last night John Swinney repeatedly failed to be straight with the Scottish people.

"It wasn’t any clearer in the Scottish Parliament today by Nicola Sturgeon.

"What have they got to hide?

“Costs to businesses as a result of losing the pound are a problem of the SNP’s own making.

"There is a very simple way to prevent these additional costs and the risk they pose to jobs here in Scotland – stay in the UK with its strong single market and single currency.

“People in Scotland now know that the only way to keep the pound is to stay in the UK.

"A vote to walk away from the UK is a vote to lose the pound.”



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