Jenny Marra :  Unemployment Figures Show Mixed Economic Picture

18 July 2013

Commenting on the latest unemployment figures, Scottish Labour's Shadow Deputy Finance Minister, Jenny Marra MSP, said:

“These figures continue to show a mixed economic picture for Scotland.

"While there is some good news, increasing unemployment and a substantial increase in those relying on part-time work shows just how fragile our economy remains.

“The ongoing contraction to the construction sector shows yet again the damaging impact of the failed economic policies of both the SNP government and the UK government.

"We need proper capital investment and instead we’ve seen projects stuck on the drawing board, cuts to capital budgets and other cuts being hurriedly reversed by the SNP in a late acknowledgement that they got it wrong.

“Women continue to suffer within our labour market and too many have become overly-reliant on part-time jobs, meaning they are under-employed and not getting the jobs that they need or want.

“It’s disappointing that instead of acknowledging the long road ahead, the SNP government have instead, yet again, chosen to make a constitutional point in an attempt to hide their responsibility for the very mixed employment picture in Scotland.”


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