Jenny Marra Concern at Funding Cut to Women’s Aid

19 March 2012 

Jenny Marra has today written to Dundee City Council  and the Scottish Government urging them to work together to protect Dundee’s Women’s Aid from a planned £27,000 cut in Government Funding that could eradicate their Children’s service.

 The Women’s Aid Children’s service, whose future is at stake after a last minute Scottish Government decision to refuse core funding, provides protection for children and young people in Dundee that have experienced domestic abuse.  

However, the Government’s decision to refuse funding has put the service at risk of closing its doors to children and young people in Dundee, which has the highest rate of domestic abuse in Scotland.

 Ms. Marra has written to Dundee City Council Chief Executive David Dorward and Scottish Government Minister for Children and Young People Aileen Campbell to express her concern, and urge they find a solution to the funding crisis.

Ms. Marra said,

“I am deeply concerned about the Government’s decision to withhold funding to this vital service. 

“Children and young people suffer horrendously when subjected to domestic abuse, and it is crucial that bodies such as Women’s Aid are there to protect them. 

 “I am urging the Scottish Government and Dundee City Council to work together to restore funding to Women’s Aid so they can continue this essential service. 

“With Dundee’s rate of domestic abuse the highest in Scotland, we simply cannot afford to turn our backs on these vulnerable children.”


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