University Debate Shows Clear Support for the union

20 September 2011

A debate this week at Abertay University between Labour MSP Jenny Marra and SNP member Mark McDonald on the subject of independence ended in a vote showing overwhelming support for the union.

The two MSPs debated in front of hundreds of Abertay University students from the Politics department on the question: "Is it time for Scotland to be an Independent Nation?"

After both MSPs made their cases, the students voted to show an overwhelming 73% in favour of maintaining the union, with only 21% favouring independence.

Jenny Marra said after the debate:

"I very much enjoyed the debate, and I’m especially pleased with the result.

"Scotland faces a serious challenge to its place in the union, and I’m glad my arguments portrayed the advantages Scotland has as part of the UK, as well as in our capacity to govern ourselves on distinctly Scottish issues."


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