Jenny Marra : It is of Regret First Law Passed by Parliament Was Railroaded Through By SNP

23 January 2012

Commenting on the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill receiving Royal Assent, Scottish Labour’s Shadow Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs, Jenny Marra MSP, said:

"It is of real regret that the first piece of legislation passed by this Parliament has been railroaded through by votes of SNP MSPs alone.

"The SNP has used its majority to force through a flawed piece of legislation that risks doing more harm than good.

"It sets a worrying precedent for this Parliament.

"The SNP has failed to make the case for the legislation both in Parliament and out – with football fans, religious organisations, anti-sectarianism charities, children’s charities, the Law Society and the Human Rights Commission all raising genuine concerns with the Bill.

"Even now, confusion continues to reign over what exactly will be outlawed by the SNP’s new law.

"We believe a far more effective response is to focus on education and young people, work with the churches and football authorities on positive, practical, evidence-based measures that tackle the root causes of sectarianism, as well robust application of existing laws.

"I urge the Scottish Government to work constructively with Scottish Labour to implement our 12-point action plan to wipe out sectarianism."


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