Jenny Marra MSP shows support for Dundee pensioner’s fuel poverty campaign

23 November 2011

Jenny Marra MSP has today pledged her support to the Dundee Pensioners Forum following a protest they staged at the Wellgate centre in Dundee about concerns for fuel poverty.

Ms Marra has been active in championing fuel poverty matters in the Scottish Parliament, having just recently brought the matter to a debate.

In pledging her support Ms Marra stated:

"It is so often the case that pensioners are the hardest hit when it on comes to fuel poverty.

"I fully support the Dundee Pensioner’s Forum in their fight to be heard.

"We cannot leave the most vulnerable in society to choose between heating and eating this winter.

"I share their concern that the Scottish Government has cut funding to the Energy Assistance Package form £71million last year to just £48 million this year.

"This budget cut will mean less money available for progressive schemes such as home insulation, which would help vulnerable groups such as the Dundee pensioners to cut their bills and keep their homes warmer for longer.

"It is an issue I have raised in the Parliament previously, and I will do so again today in a debate on Climate Change.

"I also have scheduled a meeting with fuel poverty charity SCARF to discuss how we can articulate the concerns of groups like the Dundee Pensioner’s Forum to the Scottish Government.

"I hope to meet with the Pensioners Forum shortly."


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