Jenny Marra  : SNP Presiding over Cover-Up Culture at Ninewells Hospital

24 February 2013

 =Scottish Labour has accused the SNP Government of presiding over a culture of cover-up in the NHS after it emerged health inspectors shelved and then diluted a damning report into Ninewells Hospital.

 A draft report by Healthcare Improvement Scotland into care for older people at Ninewells revealed that 35 patients had been left on trolleys and in wheelchairs, in some cases for six hours, waiting for a bed over the period of an afternoon and evening.
When the report was finally published after pressure from Labour MSP Jenny Marra, the report simply said that 'some' patients were left on trolleys and hospitals.

Other concerns were also omitted.
Jenny Marra, Scottish Labour's MSP for North East Scotland, said,

"It is clear that the Scottish Government knew over two months ago that the  Ninewells report had been buried and knew about the inspectors' resignations.
"A robust inspection regime protects patients.

β€œ It also protects and gives backing to hard-working staff who are under pressure in our hospitals.

β€œ The public can only have confidence in inspections if they are published on time and there has been no editing of the evidence that the inspectors have gathered.
"The Cabinet Secretary for Health needs to explain why he didn't take action to have the report publicised swiftly.

β€œHe has been sitting on his hands and allowing this turmoil to develop in the Government's health inspectorate, hoping it would never come to light."
The report in the Sunday Herald can be found at –



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