Jenny Marra urges SNP to back New Fund to boost Scottish Computer Games Industry

SNP Must Do More to Help Scottish Games Industry than Simply "Look to London"

25 October 2011

Jenny Marra has today called on the SNP government to work with the computer games industry to introduce a new fund to boost the video games industry in Scotland.

It follows calls from TIGA – the Games Industry Association – to introduce a Creative Content Fund.

Ms Marra, who has laid a motion in the Scottish Parliament today welcoming TIGA’s calls , said the SNP had so far done "more to hinder than help" the industry and urged the SNP government to do more than "simply look to London" for help.

She said,

"If Scotland’s computer games industry is to remain world-leading, we need both the UK and Scottish governments working to make Scotland the most attractive place in the world to develop games.

"By scrapping Labour’s tax break for the computer games industry it is clear the Tory-led government has failed to understand how important the industry is to Scotland.

"But if the SNP government wants to see Scotland’s computer game industry continue to flourish then it must do more to support the industry than simply look to London.

"I urge the SNP government to work with the industry and explore avenues for funding to make the innovative new fund a reality.

"The SNP government has got the powers to set up this fund – the SNP should use them.

"There are games hubs across the UK, but a specific Scottish government fund would send a clear signal to industry that Scotland is not only open for business – but is the place for computer game developers to set up business.

"So far, by threatening the leading centre for games technology in Scotland – Abertay University – with merger, the SNP government has done more to hinder than help the computer games industry in Scotland."


Text of motion submitted by Jenny Marra:

Scottish Video Games Fund: That the Parliament welcomes the proposal by the games industry association, TIGA, for a Scottish Government creative content fund to boost new studio production and stimulate new intellectual property in the Scottish video games sector; considers that the Scottish Government has the ability under existing powers to help solidify Scotland as a global player in the video games industry through initiatives such as this; understands that such a fund would help generate jobs and attract talent to the Scottish sector; appreciates the significant contribution that companies in the sector make to the Scottish economy, and calls on the Scottish Government to use its powers to establish the fund.


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