Jenny Marra Salmond Shows True Values in Dealings with Oil Firms

27 August 2012

Responding to the revelations in this week’s Scotland on Sunday, that the Scottish Government has been targeting oil companies alleged to have been complicit in genocide, Scottish Labour’s Jenny Marra MSP said:

“This is SNP Scotland; a place where business deals are done at any cost. Alex Salmond wants all the rights, but none of the difficult responsibilities of an independent country.

“Salmond’s Scotland is a place where the Dalai Lama is shunned while oil companies with questionable links are warmly welcomed with open arms.

“Yes we must engage and do business with China, but we must not lose our sense of who we are in the process.

"In his desire for trade with China at any price, Alex Salmond risks trading away cheaply hundreds of years of Scottish values and principles in a handshake.”



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