Jenny Marra welcomes SNP support for her Games Industry motion

27 October 2011

Jenny Marra Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland has welcomed the First Minister’s support for her Parliamentary motion seeking tax breaks for the computer games industry.

On Monday she lodged a motion at the Scottish parliament calling on the SNP government to work with TIGA – the Games Industry Association – to introduce a creative content fund.

The issue was raised at First Minister’s Question time and Alex Salmond responded by stating he was aware of the work that TIGA had been doing on the subject and he would be asking his officials to get in touch with the association to discuss their campaign.

Jenny Marra said,

"Clearly my motion has touched a nerve.

"Only three days after it was lodged we have the First Minister saying he’ll get officials to get in touch with TIGA.

"However, better late than never.

"By scrapping Labour’s tax break for the computer games industry it’s clear the Tory led government has failed to understand how important the industry is to Scotland.

"But if the SNP government wants to see Scotland’s computer games industry continue to flourish then it must do more to support the industry.

"Hopefully, this meeting will take place very soon.

"The SNP government has the power to set up this fund it should get on with it."



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