Jenny Marra  MSP backs students’ campaign to reverse college cuts

 28 January 2013

Students have welcomed Jenny Marra support for NUS Scotland’s Fund Scotland’s Future campaign, which calls upon the Scottish Government to reverse the proposed £34.6m cut to colleges ahead of the budget vote on February 6.

The Labour MSP has signed up to the NUS Scotland campaign against college budget cuts, which calls for students, staff and community members to contact MSPs through the website Fund Scotland’s Future and ask them to make reversing the cuts a priority in the budget negotiations.

So far, over 6,000 emails have been sent to North East Scotland MSPs. calling on them to reverse the proposed cut to colleges .

The campaign has been backed in full by Scottish Labour, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish Greens and the Scottish Conservatives.

The Fund Scotland’s Future campaign comes one year after NUS Scotland’s successful Our Future, Our Fight campaign, when a total of 80,000 emails were sent to MSPs, and resulted in an additional £40m being put back into the college budget

Jenny Marra said:  

"Colleges are vital for a well-trained and well educated workforce.

"These cuts are short sighted and limit opportunities for young people. That is why I'm backing the campaign by
NUS Scotland for the Scottish Government to reverse the proposed £34.6m cut to college budgets."

Lani Baird, President of Aberdeen College Students’ Association, said,

“We welcome Jenny Marra’s support for our campaign to reverse the proposed cuts to college budgets.   

“With unemployment levels so high, the role local colleges play in providing people of all ages the chance to develop the skills they need to find work is hugely important.

“Jenny Marra, by signing up to our campaign to reverse these cuts,  is standing with hundreds of students, lectures and community members in the north east who have called for colleges to be protected.

"We urge students, lecturers and members of the community in the north east of Scotland to help keep college cuts at the front of the agenda in the weeks leading up to the vote by contacting their MSPs through the Fund Scotland’s Future website.”


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