Jenny Marra's Parliamentary motion on Anti-Slavery Day Act for Scotland 

28 February 2012

Jenny Marra has tabled the following motion today in the Scottish Parliament :

Anti-Slavery Day Act for Scotland

That the Parliament notes that 18 October 2012 is Anti-Slavery Day; understands that the Anti-Slavery Day Act 2010 was introduced in England and Wales to acknowledge that millions of men, women and children continue to be victims of slavery, which deprives them of basic human dignity and freedom; understands that the Act is used to raise awareness among young people and others of the dangers and consequences of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation and encourages them to be proactive in the fight against it; notes that the Act draws attention to the progress made by government and those working to combat all forms of slavery, human trafficking and exploitation and what more needs to be done to combat these; believes that such provisions, if in place in Scotland, would aid Scotland’s fight against human trafficking, and urges the Scottish Government to seek consent from the Scottish Parliament to extend the provisions of the Act to Scotland.



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