Jenny Marra demands clarity over tuition fees for Northern Irish students coming to Dundee

29 May 2012


Jenny Marra has criticised the Scottish Government’s tuition fee policy after an education source revealed around 20% of applicants from Northern Ireland have indicated they will claim Republic of Ireland citizenship to avoid fees of up to £9000.

This situation is a result of the fee system introduced by the SNP Government last year, and is evidence that Scotland’s complicated university fees structure could be set to unravel.

 Jenny Marra said: 

“Twenty per cent of current Northern Irish applicants to Dundee are trying to get in with their Irish passports to avoid the fees.

“The SNP's fees arrangement for the rest of the UK is fast becoming a farce as predicted.

“Mike Russell can't bury his head in the sand any longer. He needs to give the universities clarity so they know what they should do in this situation.

 “Northern Irish students are too important to the universities in Dundee and to our city for this uncertainty to continue.'”

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