Jenny Marra Action needed now on human trafficking

30 September 2014

Following the release of the latest human trafficking statistics from the National Crime Agency, Scottish Labour MSP Jenny Marra has called for the Scottish Government to bring forward their human trafficking bill now.

Scottish Labour MSP Jenny Marra said,

“It has been over six months since the Scottish Government adopted my human trafficking bill yet we have still to see any sign of it coming before Parliament.

“Today’s statistics show that the human rights abuse of trafficking is alive in our communities in Scotland.

"We need action now not further delay.

“That is why I have written to both Kenny MacAskill and Nicola Sturgeon to call for the bill to be published as soon as possible.

“We should not have to wait for SNP conference for this bill to be published.

"The SNP must show it is serious about tackling human trafficking by introducing the bill without delay.”


Download Jenny's letter to Nicola Sturgeon >>>

Download Jenny's letter to Kenny MacAskill >>>


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