Primary Pupils Losing Out

31 January 2014

Commenting on the news that the SNP administration at Dundee City Council proposes to remove 20 early years practitioners from primary schools, Jenny Marra MSP said:

 “The SNP are robbing Peter to pay Paul, but primary schools pupils are losing out.

 “The Scottish Government has paid out £44 million this year to fund extra nursery hours, but instead of spending their allocation on more nursery staff, the SNP in Dundee are just taking staff out of our primary schools.

 “Why should primaries one and two pupils lose out on the extra reading and writing support they get from early years practitioners?

“Dundee Council are penalising primary school pupils because there will be a new law next week requiring 600 hours childcare in nurseries.

 “Parliament has passed money to fund this, so why are primary school pupils in Dundee losing out as a result?

 “The SNP has some explaining to do to parents in Dundee.”


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