Jim McGovern  backs Dundee airport     

2 April 2014

Dundee West MP Jim McGovern has spoken out against the most recent comments made by Edinburgh airport chief executive Gordon Dewar.

Mr McGovern said :

“I am extremely disappointed in Mr Dewar. While everyone supports better rail links between Dundee and Edinburgh few support sacrificing Dundee airport in order to do so.”

“I am concerned that Mr Dewar’s comments are commercially motivated and are not being made in a spirit of public service.

"We all want to see Dundee airport operate without the need for a subsidy.

"Transport Scotland made very clear last year that with the right plan this could happen.”

“I believe that Scotland, being a large country with a widely distributed population, benefits greatly from having good regional airports.

"As Aberdeen and Inverness airports are important to their cities and regions, so Dundee airport is important to the city and to Tayside.

"I am genuinely surprised that Mr Dewar does not recognise that.”

“Scotland cannot focus its major transport infrastructure on the central belt alone; we need excellent regional infrastructure as well.

"The arguments being made by Mr Dewar undermine efforts to see regional services improve, and I hope he reflects carefully on his comments.”




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