Jim McGovern welcomes ‘inspirational’ Ed Miliband speech

3 October 2012

Jim McGovern, MP for Dundee West, has described Ed Miliband’s speech to the Labour Party conference in Manchester as ‘inspirational’.

The Labour Leader focused his annual speech to the Labour Party conference on calling for a ‘One Nation’ Labour Party to bring together all people of the United Kingdom toward rebuilding the country after the financial crisis.

Ed Miliband criticised the Tory-led government in Westminster for creating two countries, the many who are suffering due to the economic crisis and austerity, and the few who are benefiting.

The Labour Leader also hit out against the SNP in Holyrood for seeking to cut the United Kingdom up and to separate Scotland from the rest of the United Kingdom.

Jim McGovern said,

“Ed Miliband’s speech today was inspirational.

"He spoke from the heart and was full of passion and conviction.

"He delivered the right idea in ‘One Nation’ Labour to get Britain moving again and out of this Tory induced slump.”

“I was delighted to hear his conviction to fight for the future of the United Kingdom and to take on the separatists.

"Britain is better together, and we are better when we are one nation and one people coming together to start rebuilding Britain.”

Mr McGovern concluded,

“I believe the people of Dundee agree that we are better together, and it is unacceptable to separate ourselves from our fellow citizens due either to wealth, background or where they were born. 

"I will work hard to make this case in Dundee and in parliament, and together we can get Britain moving again.”




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